If it weren't for Annabelle.Mature

"Lazarus!" Gabriel called his name for the fourth time, the volume of his voice rising with each attempt to attract the boy's attention. Lazarus blinked and looked around. "I'm used to you not paying much attention, but your head is in the clouds today! What are you thinking of?" A lazy smile appeared on Lazarus' lips as he rested his head on the back of the chair he was reclining in, the book in his hand nearly slipping to the floor.

"Just someone I... admire," he murmured, looking absently out of the large window at the over cast sky. It would be a long while before he returned back to the village with weather like that brewing.

"Admire?" Gabriel laughed, "you look more like you're infatuated - or even in love!"

"Ahh, perhaps I am," he smiled, "I suppose I'll never know."

"I'm sure you can charm her into your way of thinking." They looked at each other and burst into laughter, though not for the same reasons. Lazarus was laughing at Gabriel's ignorance to his life beyond piano and reading lessons. Gabriel was laughing at the thought of Lazarus ever coming across as charming.

"Charm? Me? Have you actually met me?" he snorted. Gabriel nodded, smirking.

"Yes. It's taken long enough to get used to you and your ever changing accent. Some days it's as smooth as my own, and others, it's as though you feel you've not left the village."

"No... I'm either too lazy or in a foul mood," he explained.

"And today, you are in an excellent mood... if not focused on reading."

"Mmm... have you ever fallen for someone you know you shouldn't have?" Lazarus asked absently, glancing at Gabriel to gauge his reaction to the question.

"No. Unless you mean flirting with ladies at parties?" he arched an eyebrow slightly.

"That's not what I meant, no. But never mind. I'm talking nonsense," a small frown creased his brow, but Gabriel didn't seem to notice. Indeed, neither did Lazarus, as his thoughts turned to James waiting for him at home.

"That you are, my friend," Gabriel chuckled, "that you are. How is your family? I've not heard much about them lately." It was true; Lazarus usually had some kind of grumble about his family, or praise for his sister. Though since his father had started pretending that his son no longer existed, the grumbling had ceased.

"Oh, you know... battling along the way the Thorn family always has and inevitably always will. My father refuses to acknowledge my existence now that I've moved out and taken my earnings with me. My mother is too scared to defy my father, so I go over there to see her while he's out, these days," Lazarus heaved a sigh, staring back up at the pregnant sky.

"And your sister?"

"She's as defiant as ever. She still comes to see me. I don't think my father will ever win that battle, though he still tries." His smile had faded, but it still clung to his mouth, widening a little as he thought of his sister and how she had managed to accept him for what he was, whilst keeping his secret.

"Your sister sounds like a remarkable woman," Gabriel smiled and Lazarus glanced at him, nodding in agreement.

"Yes... she is. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for her. Aside from her saving me from catching my death a couple of years ago, she was the one that we salvaged our shitty piano for," he paused, noticing the small smirk on Gabriel's lips, realizing he had slipped again, "sorry," he added.


The End

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