Moving out at last.Mature

"A home, a job, a lover, a brilliant sister..." Lazarus flopped into his new bed with a grin, "a new bed!" He had moved, with James and Annabelle's help into the new house, stealing away his piano while his father was skulking in a brothel. The two of them now were sat nearby, Annabelle on the piano stool and James on the solitary chair by a table he had spent a week crafting for Lazarus.

"The benefits of knowing a carpenter's apprentice, hmm?" he smiled, running a hand over the surface. It wobbled slightly, an imperfect creation, but Lazarus loved it.

"You just need to make yourself another chair," Lazarus laughed, turning his head so he could see them.

"Might be a plan," he nodded, though he couldn't bring himself to look at Annabelle. Though Lazarus was perfectly happy to mention their relationship with her around, and she in turn was accepting enough to deal with the subject, he still felt vaguely uneasy. Though there was a slight sense of relief to know there was someone to turn to when they needed it.

Lazarus rose from the bed and swooped down on his sister, kissing her roughly on the cheek as he hugged her tightly, "thank you, Annie," he whispered.

"Stop calling me Annie!" she scowled, "you know I hate that."

"Aye, but what're you gonna do about it?" he moved back, laughing as she jumped up and slapped him.

"That's what I'll do."

"Now, now," he smiled, "you ought not to be making an injured man move to fast." The reference to his latest beating made her own smile slip a little, but he didn't seem to care, instead turning to James.

"No, you should be waiting on him hand and foot," James chuckled.

"Don't be such a damn pig!" she cuffed him around the back of the head, "that's your job."

"Ahh," he lamented, looking back at Lazarus, "my wish is your command, Master Lazarus."

"Good. You're making the dinner tonight, then," Lazarus grinned as James' expression betrayed his feelings about making the dinner. "My wish is your command. Get to it, I'm in the mood for more than just bread tonight. Maybe even some meat," he winked and both Annabelle and James blushed as he laughed.

"I'll leave you two to it, then!" she muttered, kissing her brother swiftly on the cheek, "good bye."

"Good bye," he smiled, "Annie." She turned in the doorway and scowled at him again before vanishing around the corner.

"You're mean!" James whined as Lazarus pulled him up off the chair, wrapping his arms around him loosely.

"You love it," he half whispered, his lips brushing against James' as he spoke. Their breaths mingled, growing faster as their hands strayed.

"Wanna christen that bed?" James asked, his eyes sparking mischievously. He didn't need an answer. 


The End

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