Pushing the boundariesMature

The foolish teenage experimentation between James and Lazarus accelerated quickly, as hot and stifling as the summer that had gripped the village. The Emerson woodland became their regular meeting place; they spent sunny afternoons in their tree together, enjoying each other's company in a newly discovered way. When dusk would seize the day, they would climb down from their perch and walks hand in hand back to the edge of the village. As they neared the village, they would stop holding hands, acting as though they were nothing more than the childhood friends they had always been. They were getting very good at this act, to say the least.

No one had realized in the weeks since their first kiss that they were lying, hiding their forbidden love from all but the forest.

"My parents are out of town for the markets further north. They'll be gone all week," James murmured as they walked through the village. With people milling around, neither of them could say out loud the reason for James bringing this up. Though Lazarus didn't need to be told what James was suggesting.

"I'm s'posed to go home and practice, James, you know that."

"A few hours won't matter. C'mon," he grabbed the arm of Lazarus' shirt and pulled him into his house. Unwilling to fight back, Lazarus reluctantly followed. James had been the one pushing the relationship further, and Lazarus had bent to his will with each push, curious to see what sin was like.

But James' unusual briskness today was making him apprehensive.

"This feels wrong," Lazarus whispered as James took him in his arms, pressing their lips together, making their tongues dance.

"In a good way," James replied, with an unfamiliar glint in his eyes. He pulled Lazarus closer against him, their bodies pushed up against each other firmly as James renewed the kiss, deepening it as his hands slid down over Lazarus' hips. One hand slipped around to his groin, the firm touch making his eyes widen, alarmed. He pulled away from the kiss.

"What the-" James put a finger over Lazarus' lips, silencing him.

"I know you're curious. I am too. Don't it make sense to find out?" He asked, putting his hand back on Lazarus' hip.

"I- I dunno..." he whimpered, cut off as James kissed him hotly, trembling under his wandering hands. He wanted to pull away and make James stop as his hand slipped under his shirt, but he couldn't make himself move, once again bending to his will regardless. James shuffled them both back towards the bed, pushing Lazarus down on it.

As he fell, he was hit by an electric rush of adrenaline and endorphins, grudgingly finding himself enjoying James taking the lead and pushing their boundaries. He let his shirt be stripped away, followed quickly by his loose trousers. He felt over exposed and vulnerable suddenly, but it only added to the rush. James smiled confidently as he pulled off his own clothes, and Lazarus smiled back shakily as the bed sunk slightly with James' added weight. 


The End

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