For NowMature

Lazarus settled in his usual seat by the window, book in hand, though his eyes were once again focussed elsewhere.

“I wanna show you where I like to go,” Lazarus said, glancing over at Gabriel who was sat next to him, “y’know, that tree I said about b’fore.”

“It’s still too cold,” Gabriel shot him down instantly.

“It’s the middle of the day. And it’s nearly spring,” Lazarus pouted, making Gabriel shake his head. “C’mon,” he pleaded, widening his eyes and doing his best to look adorable, “I’ll wrap up warm.”

“Lazarus,” Gabriel snapped, making the pianist jump a little, “how many times? You’ve just recovered from a fever that damn near killed you. You are not going out in the cold!” Lazarus blinked, shifting in apparent unease and Gabriel wondered if he’d gone too far again.

“Do you have any idea how fucking attractive you are when you shout like that?” Whatever response he’d been expecting, this was not it. He cleared his throat, immediately pretending as though he hadn’t said a thing. “I’ll dress warmly, and we won’t spend long out there.”

“I’m attractive when I shout?” Gabriel asked, laughing a little. Lazarus sniffed, and folded his arms across his chest.

“When you take authority like you did,” he corrected himself.

A grin spread over Gabriel’s lips. “When I take authority in general, or specifically when I take authority over you?” the question was asked in a particularly husky voice, and Lazarus noticed that his beau was leaning rather close. Instead of standing his ground and answering firmly, he found himself reclining awkwardly, letting Gabriel hover over him in a somewhat dominant fashion. They barely touched, but their bodies were so close together that they could almost feel the other’s heart racing.

Lazarus spluttered incoherently, unable to form even a single word, let alone a sentence. His head was too full of Gabriel’s scent, the look in his eye, the all-consuming craving he had for Gabriel to touch him and end the teasing that was going to drive him wild.

“I take it your tree is for moments like these?” Gabriel asked almost breathlessly. Still unable to speak, Lazarus simply nodded, praying that he would finally be allowed to take him there. There was next to no chance of them being discovered there; it was perfect for them. He found himself being pulled up by the hand and ushered into a thick winter coat that was far too big for him. “I’m sure this will do for now.”

The End

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