Chapter 6- October 13th New York- Journal of Joe SmithMature

After finding some form of safety in the middle of a mall, I saw some grotesque things happen. Just a few minutes after I had found somewhere to sit down, an announcement had blaired through the speakers of the place. “Please remain calm, and stay close to your family. This is a dire issue, but it is very possible for us to survive it,” and not a peep has been from heard since. Hours had passed before anything actually happened. I had kept plenty of food on me, knowing I’d likely be in this for a while. However, this did not seem to be the case for as many as it should have been. As some might expect, minors fights start to break out. People have started to get hungry, but the worst so far was someone running off with another person’s bag. I hadn’t figured out the contents until later. Most of it starts to settle out after this one realizes he has way too much food and shares it amongst those who were fighting. From what I saw, it should last them until the end of the day, at least.

However, another hour passes, and the guy who ran off with that bag shows back up. At this point, everyone’s mingling, for the most part, and having been conservative with food look like they’ll have a nice breakfast. Myself, I look to have enough for tomorrow’s dinner, too. Anyways, this guy walks up and looks pretty mad. Seeing everyone eating and whatnot has caused him to be pretty upset. All of a sudden, the freak just pulls a gun from behind himself and shoots the couple nearest to him. The contents of the bag were quite scary. A few screams let out, I drop down behind my seat, some nice brush covering me, and hear more gunshots. My ears are ringing at this point, and I hear someone get violently shoved down. I decide to stop hiding and rush him. He had capped the guy that was just on top of him, then I manage to overtake him briefly. We tussle a bit, and it turns out he’s stronger than me. By a lot. He got on top, then shot me a couple times in my leg, right before some stronger guys overtake him. I’ve realized now, due to all this bleeding, that the bullet most definitely hit an artery. As I am writing this, my arms are starting to feel weaker, and my vision blurrier. I should’ve stopped the bleeding, but I didn’t notice how bad it was until it was too late.

The End

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