Chapter 5- October 12th- New York TimesMature

New York Times


Just three days after the tragedy that started with the Yellowstone Volcano, many are beginning to think this as the end of the world. Muslims have been flocking to Mecca, estimated amount to be around 10 million.  Due to the insane amounts of ash, those congregating at Mecca will likely not survive. Some ash may already be settling there as you read this. Whether they survive or not, the outlook is grim. Ash has now spread around much of the world, and at this rate, we could go extinct. However, many are resorting to bunkers, fallout shelters, and more. Even some of the best homes have fallen susceptible to the ash, it sinking through even the smallest cracks and weighing down on the foundations themselves due to how much there is piling up. The lava has become a huge issue as well, reaching the corner of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Everyone in the middle has died tragically, with little to do about it. Many projectiles have also gone quite far, golf ball sized rocks landing in Salt Lake. Fires have also ravaged the nation, currently burning through Sawtooth forest. Just remember, stay out of the ash, find something to cover your eyes, nose and mouth, and try to seek shelter to protect yourself and your family.



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