Chapter 4- October 11th Japan- Journal of Fujiwara no RinMature

After the first couple minutes of ash pouring down, I learned a lot about the ash. The ash is very hard to get off, and is very painful when in your eyes. Fortunately, I had sunglasses to wear to stop it from getting in my eyes. However, many people on the street were not able to cover their eyes. I managed to see a few when sunlight somehow managed to get through the ash. I was able to get to my apartment, however. I thought about the mother and child I saw earlier, and realised that they may not be as lucky. I immediately regretted what I had done. I looked out my window, and it already seems like I’m trapped in. I can hear screams outside, and they definitely aren’t pleasant.

It’s been a day, and I have slowly begun to think about when I’ll get out, but then I remembered, everyone else is trapped, and aid can’t fly in, due to the ash. I remember the Ahasi Bunshim saying the ash wouldn’t reach us, but when I was outside, there was enough ash to completely block out the sun at times. I suddenly hoped I had enough food, when the power went out. I grabbed my lighter, and found a few candles and lit them around the house. I then decided to get a drink, so I grabbed a cup, filled it, but about halfway through, the water got a gray tint. I then thought, thirst takes three days, starvation takes thirty, so I kept the water, in case I really needed to drink it later. Then, I thought of every water source, and got anything I could use to store water. First, it was every faucet, which I did very carefully, so there wouldn’t be as much ash. I decided if there was any that got in, I would let it sink to the bottom. Then, I got the ice from my freezer, to let it melt into the containers.


The End

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