A Mall Reunion

Jeff tapped the lock button on his key fab and the lights of his “sport wagon” flashed twice and approached the south entrance of Ceasar Rodney Suburban Shopping Mall.  He had changed out of his suit at home and into a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a plain red t-shirt, which was better suited to the humid August weather.  As he entered the mall, he took his sunglasses off his eyes and placed them on his head.  Jeff placed them on his head for utilitarian reasons, as opposed to fashion.

He sat down on a bench that faced “Iconic Music & Movie” and started scanning the area, looking for Phil.  He was startled by a loud thud to his left.  He saw a pair of green Vans sneakers.  Phil had jumped over the back of the bench and was towering over Jeff.  He hopped off the bench and then sat down.  Jeff studied Phil’s t-shirt, which featured a photo of Marlyn Monroe and read, “ICONIC.”

“So let’s do this thing!” Phil said.

Jeff laughed, a bit startled.  “I don’t think it’s as simple as that,” he said.  “There’s a lot of things to consider first.”
“You remember the deal:  if we didn’t have good jobs with a law firms a year after passing the bar then we’ll start our own firm.”
“Well,” said Jeff, “I know we took the exam in July, but we didn’t get the results until October, so I don’t think it’s been a year yet.”
“Don’t get all lawyer-y on me, Jeff.”  Phil looked Jeff directly in the eye.  “I didn’t go to law school to work in a mall.  I’ve been applying for jobs; it’s a desert out there.  I’ve been waiting all year for this.  I know we’re not the most experienced attorneys-”  said Phil.  Jeff smiled, thinking, that’s an understatement.  “-but I think we can succeed at this because I know we will work hard at it.  Remember how well we worked together in law school?”  Jeff nodded.  “Well, what do you say?”
“How about we go and talk to Talia and Ratika and see if they are interested,” Jeff offered.  “If they want to go ahead, we’ll take it from there.”  Phil appeared to be pleased with this suggestion.  “I’ll contact Talia and you can contact Ratika.”

The End

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