“Plain,” he said.  The hot dog vendor’s face fell.  The look he gave suggested that he relished applying condiments to hot dogs, and he felt genuine disappointment to be asked to serve a hot dog plain.  Perhaps he considered his method of adding condiments to be the creative part of his job whereas removing the hot dog from the grill using tongs is the rote mechanical aspect.  Jeff Klein recognized this look, and realized that he had failed to meet the expectations of the hot dog vendor.  He made a mental note of this, collected his hot dogs, chips, soda, and book, and headed to a nearby park bench.
Jeff never went anywhere without a book now.  In law school he always had more than enough to read to keep him busy.  As a recent graduate he now had an irrational fear of running out of things to read.  He visited the local library almost daily, and the staff of the circulation desk knew him by name.  It was a lopsided relationship.  At the circulation desk they saw his name on the computer screen whenever he would check items in or out.  They wore no name tags.
Jeff took his book and lunch to a park bench.  A few people strained their necks trying to see what book Jeff was reading.  One hand kept the book flat on his lap, leaving the other free to eat hot dog and take swigs of soda.  Had any been successful, they would have discovered that he was reading:  “Principles of Wal-Mart:  A Success Story.

The End

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