In chapters 6-11 it's summertime and Miranda decides to go to Miller's Pond to swim with her friends. She becomes close with Dan and they start dating. While this is happening, Miranda has several fights with her mom at home. After a while Dan stopped going to Miller's pond and Miranda didn't know why. Then Miranda's little brother Jonny goes to baseball camp where he's getting fed three meals a day. As soon as Jonny leaves, Miranda accidentally let out Horton at night and couldn't find him. Also, Miranda's mom cuts back to one meal a day and Matt and Miranda take turns every day eating breakfast and they both fast on Sunday. When she had to cut back on food, this made Miranda more excited to go to Springfield with her dad because she thought life would be so much better there; just to later find out that Miranda can't go with her dad because Lisa and him are going out of town to where Lisa's parents are. This made Miranda really mad, but her dad and Lisa are going to bring Jonny home from baseball camp and stay two nights so they can spend some time together before they leave. The night before Jonny gets home they find Horton after he was gone for a whole week. When Jonny comes home, dad and Lisa give their family boxes and boxes of canned vegetables, fruits, and soups. This makes Miranda's family static. The last night that dad and Lisa are there, Miranda's mom decided to have a feast. So Miranda goes to the hospital to invite Peter and she runs into Dan! Apparently he is moving out of town. And through out the chapters, Miranda got back in touch with Megan and Sammi. Sammi left town his her new guy friend, and Megan is practically starving herself so she can die (for religious reasons). Miranda wasn't that sad about Sammi, but she was really worried about Megan. But the end of the chapters wraps up with Jonny's birthday and Miranda and her family know they still have each other through everything.  I could never picture my family going through this, because nothing has ever happened like this in the real world before. It's entertaining to see how Miranda is dealing with her internal and external conflict with family, friends, and food. If it were me, I would never make it and it's very interesting to see how Miranda and her family are surviving. 

The End

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