Brody McLelland's LAWKI Summary

      Now that different events are happening, schools begin to become more poor. Lunches start to become worse and less nutrient-filled. Now that the these problems are accuring, the kids become less and less careful about their grades. The scenarios that the "Life As We Knew It" character are facing in chapters 6-10 kind of relate to problems we are facing right now in our day and age. For example, in "LAWKI",  a character begins to look very thin and ill due to lack of food. Which relates to the starving children in Africa. Another scenario in LAWKI is that the sky turns a shade of grey due the Moon affecting volcanoes. In real life, glaciers everywhere are slowly melting due to global warming. Which may mean that the creator of "LAWKI" is trying to subtly relate situations that are accuring to real life into the book.

      Now, the food is slowly becoming scarce due to the Sun's light being covered up. So now plant will not grow without sunlight. Epidemics are spreading, it begins to frost over, earthquakes are happening, and now, nuclear power plants are being destroyed due to the earthquakes. These events have now changed my opinions about things, I have now thought about these events happening and what to do if they happen, it changed my opinions on how my actions and how I'd split up my valuables. 

The End

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