LAWKI Chapter 11-15Mature

In this installment of Life As We Knew It they experience and foreshadow many different events that are yet to happen. In chapter 11 we saw that Miranda stole school supplies from the school that was trying to start up for her own needs. Then in chapter 12 she did a very devious act and raided the pantry for some chocolate chips and her mom caught her. Her mom made her eat every last one, even the ones that fell on the floor when Miranda tormented her mother by waving them in the air as if she were signaling a helicopter. Miranda said that she felt sick morally and physically after eating all of those chocolate chips because they were going to be used for Matt’s birthday dinner.
Then Miranda shows some very dangerous behavior in Chapter 13 after her mom fell in the living room. Miranda went to go and get help for her mom so she went to go and look for Peter. In her words exactly Miranda said while waiting for entry, “ I stood there begging and crying and wanting to kill him. So help me, if I would of gotten my hands on his gun I would have shot him and anyone else who tried to keep me from getting help for my Mom”. First she was stealing and now she is daydreaming about mass shootings for herself. What if everyone were to think like this and the whole world broke into war contending everyone for themselves having armies of 1. Shortly following chapter 13, chapter 14 stated that the gas has run out, which is yet another resource they are going to have to go without. Then in chapter 15 Miranda’s world has shrunk even more, it went from the city to the library to her property to her house and now just the kitchen and the sunroom. It’s almost as if the moon is pushing her further and further into insanity the closer it gets.
This book may have many things but one recurring one throughout the chapters is that being savage is a way of life. No I don’t mean that they are ‘roasting’ each other but that they are turning into animals and not just in how they live but how they act towards outside groups that aren’t in their herd, or family better said. You can see it in my quote from chapter 13 and this one from chapter 12,”They were my damn chocolate chips” and, “the chips went flying all over the ground”. These show that she is willing to take food from her family, then flaunt it in front of them, wasting one of their most precious resources, food.
Miranda is a very free minded person wanting to explore and run around and see the world. In the beginning of the novel her explorable world was drastically decreased as billions of people and millions of structures were destroyed by tsunamis. Then she couldn’t go to millers pond shortly after that she opted out of school to homeschool herself, which she really isn’t doing but honestly who is? Then she just had her house and the road to mrs. Nesbitts house. Then she couldn’t go outside to collect twigs and now she is restricted to the kitchen and the sunroom to stay warm and incase you haven’t read the first 3 words of chapter 16, Mrs. Nesbitt dies so now she is restricted to where she is. This is causing her to do less and less which is causing her to think more and more and when you think you realize. She is realizing that her chances are slim to none and that she will eventually just die off as another to join the dead list. She is becoming depressed and driving herself into a mental state.
The stereotype in our society is that the women do the housework such as cleaning, and men do the manly work such as heavy lifting and defending their family. This book both distorts and reflects these gender roles and it is kind of like if a man and women were to fuse into one, but one is still more dominant and in Miranda that is a Man. She ran off to protect her family and grab help stopping at nothing to try and get inside that hospital, saying that she wanted to steal and then shoot people to get in. She also does some of the girly things such as cook clean the restroom and do laundry. I think that these behaviors are good so that when the rest die Miranda can still hold for herself and care for herself just the same.

The End

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