Summary, Theme, and QuestionMature


    Chapter 11 starts off by Mom sending Miranda and Jon to school. When they get there, Miranda decides to get text books so she can be home schooled. She stuffs her bag with books, pens, and pencils. A couple days later, Miranda decides to go to the pantry to check out the food supply. When she gets there, she sees the chocolate chips she had grabbed on the crazy shopping day, and decided those were hers. While she’s eating them she gets caught and is not allowed to eat the next 4 meals; she also has the guilt of knowing those were for Matt’s birthday. Along with that, Megan died from not eating. Mom hurts her ankle and is not doing so well. She is allowing Miranda and Jon to do whatever they’d like, so Miranda decided to go skating on the pond. She only went once though, because she realised that she needs to stay home with mom. When it starts to get really cold, Miranda ends off the chapter by adding the family conversation where Mom and Matt decided that everyone is moving into the sunroom to stay warm at night. Instead of being grateful for the warmth, Miranda wants her space and is frustrated that her world keeps getting smaller.


Uprising Theme:

    No matter how much you think you don’t need your family in tough times, everyone needs family to survive.



    In these certain chapters, Miranda realises how she needs to act more like an adult to help out the family. She starts out by carelessly eating food without her mom’s permission, but when mom hurts her ankle, she takes up more responsibility and starts cooking the meals. The force of circumstances makes Miranda change her actions.


The End

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