Don't GoMature

The coffee became cold just as my heart when we parted in the airport. I can still recall this day, and it still tears me apart into pieces. You weren't expecting me because you thought that we already had agreed on our breakup. But how could I accept it? I couldn't no matter how I tried. It was your last day in the country before leaving, and I hadn't seen you since a week. Few hours were left before you go, and I was still convincing myself that I shouldn't go because you thought it would be better for us. However I grabbed my keys and drove to the airport speeding in order to reach you in time. You were about to enter but just in time I shouted your name. I ran toward you, and you engulfed me tightly as you always did from before. I pled and cried on your shoulder asking you not to go or at least to let me come with you. I felt your hand moving along my back as you told me that you can't. I kept on clutching to you until you held me by my shoulders and again asked me to move along in my life because there is no future for us. I stood there crying and watching you parting from me as you walked away. I had no power left to call you back, to convince you or chase you again. But you turned. You rushed toward me, twisted your left hand around my waist while the other in my hair and kissed me passionately. Your last words were I love you and I will always will. Yet again you took the path which lead to your plane. I watched you walk away again but this time you didn't retreat.    

The End

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