Friends foreverMature

I walked into my next class, English. I sat down in my normal spot, only a few people were there. Once the bell rang, people began to fill the room, sitting down in their assigned seats. An unfamiliar face came in after the bell had rang, she hurried to the back of the room and sat beside me, being is that was the only empty seat in the room. 

She looked at me and smiled, I looked her up and down, studying her. Deep dimples, super short bright pink, obviously dyed, hair, light brown skin, snake bites in her lips, one eye was deep blue and another was hazel.

"My name's Serenity," She leaned over my desk, looking at my binder which had my name written in cursive. "Hello, Lavender, that's a pretty name." She continued to smile, it wasn't like a crazy smile or a normal smile. It was a trouble maker smile, one of  those smiles that was beautiful and sassy at the same time. I smiled back at her, it has been a while since I had smiled. 

The whole rest of the period we talked and made friends with each other. I had agreed to show her to her classes which she happened to share all of them with me. The whole day was wonderful, it took away the memory of the horrible dinner last night. Serenity and I shared numbers, sending each other funny pictures and videos, laughing at them together. 

At lunch, we decided to go to a 711 and get some snacks after school and hang out at Serenity's house. After planning out what we would do there, the group of popular girls came over, some had created v's with their fingers and slid their tongues between. Through the crowd, I could see Ivy, smirking at me and at my new friend. I slid down in my seat, feeling the heat raise to my cheeks. 

Ivy walked to the front of the group, who were laughing at my embarrassment. Serenity looked at me with worry then at Ivy. 

"Hey lesbo's, I heard you two were going to hang out after school, huh?" Ivy said loudly so that all the people in the cafeteria could hear. "Are you planning to eat each other out then go pick out hobo boy clothes at the mall?" The girls behind her laughed loudly at her idiotic joke. 

Serenity stood up making the girls shut up quickly. "So, you don't like lesbians?" She walked over in front of Ivy.

"Yeah, and?" Ivy snaps. 

Serenity pulls Ivy in and kisses her forcefully, the boys sitting behind us whistled and wooed. Ivy pushed her away and left in a hurry, the group of girls behind her looked at us in disgust then turned around and followed Ivy back to their table. 

I sat there, shocked and amazed, I stared where Ivy and the girls were then looked up at Serenity.  

"Oh my god!" I stood up. " I cannot believe you just did that to my sister." 

Serenity laughed a little and turned around. "It was fun," She looked at me and smiled. " So, you're a lesbian?" 

I nodded shyly, I expected her to call me a freak and run away like all my other friends, but after what she did, I wasn't sure. 

"That's cool. I am too."

She winked and sat back down at our table. 

The End

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