Ups and DownsMature

I sighed and began to write in my journal, pushing long strands of dark blue hair out of my face. The sound of my pencil scraping against the thick light gray paper in my journal was the only sound in my quiet room. It was dark inside, a small sliver of light shown through the blinds. I wrapped a lock of hair around my ear, continuing to write. I stopped once I signed my name at the bottom and sat up, taking a look around the room. In the corner, I could see my reflection in the full sized mirror.
Gray eyes, small button nose, pale skin with faint light brown freckles, my dark blue hair tied in a loose pony tail, small, thin frame. I took a deep breath and laid back, jumping back up once I heard my name being called downstairs. 

I jumped up and threw my journal swiftly under the bed and ran downstairs. My family was waiting for me in the dining room, food already on the table, the dinnerware already put out and ready.  I sat down in front of my eldest sister, Ivy. Long golden locks, bright blue eyes and clear pale skin. She is beautiful, but she is a bitch. She is one of those girls that doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself and fucks every popular guy in the school.

She is a bitch to me the most though, its been like this ever since I could remember. She's taken advantage of me in every way possible. She has spread rumors about me and put up embarrassing stuff about me on the internet. I stopped trusting her a long time ago, she's told every one of my secrets to everyone.

She LOVES telling people about my biggest secret though, she just hasn't told 4 certain people about it. 

I looked up from my plate to see her blue eyes staring at me, glaring, planning. I believe she could sense my fear, I put my fork down, staring back at her with pleading eyes. Her baby pink lips curved into a wicked smirk before opening her mouth. 

"So Mother, Father," She looked at them. "Did you know that Lavender is a lesbian?" She batted her eyes innocently towards them. I huffed and clenched my fists tightly until my knuckles turned white. I could feel my cheeks burn red hot, I could feel all the eyes at the table stare at me and Ivy. 

My parents gasped, outraged that their daughter could ever be something as horrible as a lesbian. They began to rant and rave to me about how it was a bad thing to be gay and about how God is going to send me to hell. A large lump began to form in my throat, tears formed in my eyes. I felt the small hands of my younger twin siblings, Courage and Hope, tugging on my shirt sleeves, asking me what a lesbian was. 

I stood up and left in a hurry, storming out and going back upstairs into my room, wiping the tears messily from my eyes. I shut the door behind me and locked it, sliding down the door I felt myself breaking. Tears flowed from my eyes like a waterfall, my hands shook in anger. 

Ivy has ruined the last people in my life that truly loved me, I'm sure my parents would disown me and throw me out of the house. I climbed into my bed like a child, curling up against my pillows, taking deep breaths and wiping my eyes constantly. 

I felt so hurt and angry, the tears kept coming and soon I had cried myself to sleep. I woke up several hours later from a loud knocking at my door. 

"Can we come in, Lavender?" I could hear small voices ask. I smiled and opened the door, my twin siblings walked in. Small, identical,but different genders. Small tiny noses, shiny light brown hair, pale skin. 

They hugged me, tightly yet softly at the same time. 

"We love you, Lavender, even if you like girls." 

Their innocence was enough to make me cry. Inside my chest, I could feel my heart rebuilding. I knew that through it all, Courage and Hope would love me no matter what. I would never take advantage of their love and trust like Ivy did to me. I loved them like they loved me. I wouldn't judge them or disown them. I loved them. 

I hugged them back, thanking them and smiling. These children were better people than my sister and parents could ever be. I felt proud that I was their sister and they were my siblings. 

The End

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