Laurie Tamer

Laurie Tamer is not your average girl. She isn't popular and her best friend is beginning to drift away in their last year of high school. Then, a week before school starts, the Logans move in next door and an unexpected year is promised. Michel Logan is the twin brother of the famous Zack Logan, the guy of teen girl fantasies. Family, friendship, love, and most importantly, themselves will be tested in the lives of these two completely different teenagers.

I've never been very good at making friends.

Once, when I was in the third grade and a new girl entered our classroom I became mute. She sat beside me and though I could have said hello and though I could have become one of the popular girls in school alongside her later on in life, since I've heard that best friends are best made when they sit beside you, I froze. Instead of saying, "Hi, I'm Laurie Tamer, nice to meet you!" I made some strange gurgling sound that rewarded me with the nickname slobber. The next day the new girl, Grace Fate, told our teacher Mrs. Holsten that she wanted to sit somewhere else and my chance was gone.

Kelly Lair, my best friend, became my friend by pure chance when we both bumped into each other in the hallways of Union Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario. Being clumsy, shy, in the corners of the student life, and being speechless when facing adversity was our calling and we soon became outsiders together. Now, I'm not saying that I am completely antisocial, I am just more... reserved.

So when I saw the moving truck inch its way awkwardly up the wide driveway of my neighbor's house I wasn't feeling exactly hopeful. I was sitting on our porch with the sun hitting me in an uncomfortable angle and the smell of our freshly painted veranda was overpowering the smell of the blooming sunflowers around our garden. Mom was preparing her famous PB&J sandwiches and dad was working on the engine of his new Mustang. 

I remembered taking in the sign on the side of the moving truck, and concluded that it must have been American because I didn't recognize it. 

The most private and secure way of ensuring a safe move: Shush Movers! Where your safety and privacy is first class!

I watched the movers carry several packages that looked heavy and uncomfortable and shrugged before going inside, sick of the summer heat. 

Dad is an accountant in the great city of Toronto and mom was one too until she had me. Ever since then she has been the stay at home mom that has watched over my younger brother Gabrielle and I. Our house isn't a mansion, but it is modest and with the latest technology because though my father is a workaholic he enjoys spoiling his house for his family. 

My mom was in the kitchen, a plate full of triangular slices of PB&J sandwiches sat on the marble counter, and she was stirring ice inside of a large mug of lemon iced tea. 

"Is Kelly coming over?" She asked me when she noticed that I was in the kitchen.

"Maybe?" I said, raising an eyebrow. "Mom, who's moving in next door?"

"Well," she said, "do you remember how poor Mr. Dartmouth had a heart-attack last month, leaving his Mrs behind?"

"Yeah," I answered while grabbing at one of the sandwich slices.

"So then you should understand that the house is far too big for her to maintain at her elderly age." She swatted my hand as I went for my second slice. "Remember to leave some for your brother, he should be home soon!"

"He doesn't eat these anyway, he is too mature, as he says for your sandwiches." I retorted.

My mother sighed, her age showing through the lines around her eyes. "You two have grown so much."

"Maybe me, but not him."

"You know what I mean Laurie," my mother said with a sad smile. "This will be your last year of high school and then you're off, and your brother is all ready going into the eleventh grade and soon I will have nothing but a new flat screen TV."

I smiled warmly at my mom and grabbed another sandwich slice. "You'll always have me mom, no matter how mature Gabrielle gets."


That night I sat in my little Toyota Echo after dropping Kelly off at her house and thought about summer. All the things that had happened had felt so epic then, so memorable--but now I was having difficulty remembering any of it. The smell of my car's air conditioner was beginning to drive me nuts so I turned off the car and stepped out into the humidity of the night. 

The moving truck was still in the driveway and I watched, while walking towards the door, the new neighbors in front of their house as they finally arrived. Did they have so many things that it took them this long to get here? 

Then, as if I were blind to anything else, I saw him. Well, more like them. One was quiet, while the other raved about a freedom that I don't think I really understood. The quiet one ignored his family as an older man and a striking girl, too beautiful for her age, walked past him from behind and up the short flight of stairs towards the front door. A woman with flowing brown hair with hints of grey attempted to assist a mover until the older man, who had previously walked into the house, abruptly stopped her with a smile and warning of nothing but pure love. 

The loud and excited of the two twin boys had all ready disappeared into the now lit house while the silent one watched his feet. I took in a deep breath as he suddenly looked up at me with a smirk on his face. I was about to nervously smile back, when I tripped on the landing of our porch stairs.


The End

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