As I walked along the sidewalk, I noticed an odd vibrating feeling underneath my feet. I must not have been going crazy, because I saw that other people were stopping and looking at the ground, too. What was happening? An earthquake was very odd in this region...

A crack slowly traveled from the opposite side of the street to my side, about a meter away from where I stood. No one moved - they were most likely too stunned to.

Then the crack opened and got deeper.

It got as deep as an ice crevasse in the polar caps, and one who may be brave enough would look over to see no bottom.

Flames shot out from the crevasse, which made me jump backward and fall on my back. I got scrapes on my elbows and hands from the rough sidewalk.

In the midst of the flames was a black, swirly, figure. It seemed like a dragon of some sort. It spoke in a deep voice that made the ground shake and made the flames reach the height of a skyscraper.

"I am Zypher, lord of the underworld," he said as people cowered and tried to crawl away. "Laura, I have business with you."

The End

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