I stand before a congregation of tear filled eyes and read from a set of sweat wrinkled cue cards. I only wrote the Eulogy last night because i could not bring myself to think she would not be here to hold my hand and to make me laugh at the spectacle that was her funeral. Everybody knew her, she would not have wanted this way but I have to honor her with tears if only for today.

"Laughter is beautiful," I choke back the tears "we laugh, because something is funny. People laugh" I pause "and it makes us feel good. Laughter can heal all damage, make you forget you hurt…" I begin to cry, i continue " April said humor is the spice of life, that a little goes along way she wanted everyone to laugh here but I can not"

She said a lot of things and now she is dead.

"April is gone, her spirit, her voice, her humor and when you look back and see the moments that you've cherished, you know you have tasted the spice that was a truly unique and beautiful life. I ask you were those moments made up of brief witty comebacks and old joke come new? or true lasting honor, faith and love? I realize she was wrong." Silence, confusion "I LOVED APRIL, she was my best friend and now she is GONE!" what am i doing here? "love I tell you is the spice of life… you may laugh for a moment, and in that moment you may loose touch of all reality… just a moment out of your life, but love, love need not even speak to be felt.  Love can last forever, or just a brief history…but love is bitter-sweet-sour nectar and is fed upon by the willing, and love is what is felt deep within when I tell you I LOVE YOU now laugh and make it all better."I burst into tears.

I realize she is not here when i needed her most, she has abandoned me!

The End

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