Late night thoughts....

You tell me today is a day we're supposed to cherish, but what if we get too wrapped up in it?
Will it effect tomorrow?
Will we remain in a moment that's past us?
Or is it just me, the sap not realizing how you no longer ponder...
Worry... think of it.. or of me.
My eyes are red and dried in my awakened state of dreaming
Floating through life waiting to be rescued from the waves and pulled aboard
To set my mind on a new course, in a different direction
Because every note in a song that we heard... every word brings me back to that day.
Making the events that occured as vivid as if again they were being played once again
These eyes don't close, trying this moment to capture a piece of what it was
What we wish we could've stopped... held on too...
But lost is where i find myself wondering through a garden of love
Regret in drops of preciptation on leaves and flowing through streams
A constant desire to look back to see if it's true... if you might be there
But as the trail drags on, alone i walk
Hoping that it doesn't lead to another dead end.
And more years wasted.

The End

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