Chapter 1 - Awake?Mature

I woke up.

Wait… what?

It wasn’t a
dream. I was awake, standing perfectly upright. I could feel everything just
fine. My body felt like in was in great shape. I had just gotten hit head-on by
a car piloted by a drunken idiot. How exactly am I here?

I looked
around me and saw everyone looking down; they were the students and teachers
that had been at the collision. Looking down myself I saw; me. I was lying on
the ground, dead. What the hell…?

Amanda was
still by my side. I tried to talk to her, to get her attention, but the words
wouldn’t leave my mouth. I couldn’t speak at all. I tried moving my arm to
touch her, but it refused to move as well.

My legs
didn’t budge. I had only my head that could turn.

“See what’s
all around you?” a voice came from behind me. I couldn’t move my body
sufficiently enough to see who it was. I wasn’t even capable of asking this
entity either.

“This is your
life when you passed on” the voice said once again. I had realized that from
what I had seen for myself. One thing I forgot to investigate was Hunter’s car;
I could see the teenager himself crawling out. One of his friends was also
coming out. The other one looked to be severely injured.

“Oh I’m
sorry” I heard the voice say. “Are you still on mute?” I heard the snapping of
someone’s fingers. Afterwards, I discovered I could now move my mouth. Finally
I could ask some questions to whoever this was.

All I knew
so far was that it was a male; obviously not old, as evidenced by his strong,
probably middle-aged voice. There was also no doubt that this being controlled
some sort of power.

“First off,
who are you?” I asked to the man. “Second…” I gestured to my body lying on the
ground. “What exactly is this?”

“Well,” the
man began, “to answer your second question, that is you on the ground”.

I sighed.
“I’m talking about this scene as a whole” I responded, a little annoyed.

“I thought
you’d like a good joke” the man replied. “Anyways, this scene is exactly how
everything was when you died in a still picture”.

“You are
here right now because you’re ready to move on to a new place. I doubt you’ll
hate it” the man said.

I grimaced.
This obviously wasn’t a good sign. I was moving somewhere, but where?

I decided to
continue the conversation. “Now, my first question. Let’s go back to that”.

I could’ve
sworn the man shrugged his shoulders at this time. “You wouldn’t understand
much” he said simply.

I raised an
eyebrow. “How so?”

“It’s a
complicated story, and I’m not in the mood to read it”.


“And you
wouldn’t understand it anyway”.

“I don’t
think that’s fair”.

The man
sighed. “This conversation has already droned on for too long. It was supposed
to be a quick-in quick-out speech”. I bet he rolled his eyes at this part. “It
never is that easy”.

“I know I’m
dead” I said, anger building up. “I was killed by some idiotic jerk, so I’m
really not in the mood for jokes or your complaints, thank you”.

I started
crying. “My whole life was just messed up. Everything I wanted to do, everyone
I wanted to be with… it’s all gone! Forever!”

“Life sucks”
the man replied simply.

I cursed.
“That’s no excuse for what injustice happened!”

“This stuff
happens all the time”.

“I don’t
give a shit! I want my life back!”

The man got
angry himself. “All you did your entire life was complain about how awful your
life was; now here you are begging me to give it back. I’m not sure if your
logic is really sound”.

I fell
silent as the truth was delivered to my ears. I had hated my life. I guess I
didn’t fully realize what I had before I lost it all.

“Now if you
don’t mind, I have things to do, so let me make this fast” the man said icily.
“Just go up the stairs and you’ll be at home. Do whatever you want unless it
breaks the laws set forth. Good day”.

I felt the
freedom of movement come back to my body. I immediately turned around to see
the man, but he was gone. He had disappeared seemly into thin air. In his place
was just a staircase. I stared in awe; it was made out of pure silver and gold
which glowed in the afternoon sunlight. The man had instructed me to climb the
stairs, but even if he didn’t I would have anyway.

I took my
first step and heard the single cord of an organ played. I took my foot off and
looked around as though Beethoven was hidden somewhere playing his organ.
Dismissing the sound, I continued up the steps, the organ beginning to play
more rapidly and more grand. Its tune sounded somewhat… happy. It made me feel
at ease.

I began to
see something forming at the top of the stairs. It looked like an exact replica
of my own house! Seeing this, I quickly rushed towards it, the organ becoming
more intense. Maybe I was going to come back to life and just going back to my
home! I quickened my pace, my desire to reach my new destination increasing. I
tripped on the next step, got up, and persevered forward.

The door was
right in front of me now. At this point, the organ was holding down one high
chord. Slowly, I reached out for the doorknob and twisted it. I took a few deep
breaths, then I yanked the door wide open. The organ had stopped playing

You could
try to imagine the disappointment I felt when I saw nothing inside. You could
try, but you would never know how I felt. I fell on to my knees in pure
sadness. There goes my life. It’s gone, trashed by the scum of the world. I
couldn’t believe it was over…

The house
was completely empty; no furniture whatsoever. The walls were now a dull gray
color. Wiping the tears from my eyes, I stepped inside the desolate place.

I inspected
the place thoroughly, but I saw nothing inside at all. It had been completely
emptied. I turned into a room and stepped back in surprise; it was the still
picture of me when I died, but it was no longer still. Everyone was moving now.

I observed
the scene before me. An ambulance had come, but it had been all too late. I was
long gone, dead. They had begun tending to Hunter and his friends. He was fine,
figures, but his minions weren’t as better off. Amanda was now standing in the
background, crying, her face turned away from the scene. Nearby her were my
friends. They were looking everywhere besides where my corpse lied, the sadness
evident on their faces. If only I could be with all of them right now… but I
knew that I could not anymore.

I broke down
into tears once more. I couldn’t let go of the fact that this was my afterlife,
that I was dead, I was no more. It was like those stories of people dying
young, their lives ripped into shreds and thrown away.

I slowly
walked away from the scene, took a few deep breaths to control myself, then I
continued to walk around the house. A little part of me wanted to discover
something happy that would lift my spirits in some way. I should’ve known that
there would be nothing to find, I should’ve known better, but my small hope of
finding something kept me going.

I turned
around and was surprised to see a man standing there. I jumped back initially,
stunned by his sudden appearance.

“Like the
new place?” the man asked me. He looked to be middle-aged, wearing a
light-green cape and a gold shirt with silver pants.

I shook my
head furiously. “No… no, I hate it” I said, disgusted by the place. It not only
gave me false hope, but no comfort. Weren’t homes supposed to give you comfort
in some sense?

“Why? This
is your new afterlife home” the man said. “This is where you’ll be living”.

Again I
shook my head in disagreement. “No. I’m outta here”.

I walked to
the front door of the house quickly, brushing past the old man. He flicked his
fingers as I passed. I grabbed the doorknob and tried opening the door, but it
wouldn’t budge.

I cursed.
“Let me out of here” I demanded. “I don’t want to stay here”.

The man
shook his head. “This is where you live. It’s just like home!”

I slammed my
fist on the wall. “How is this home? Nothing like this reminds me of home! All
it has is the oh-so famous movie, What Happened When Jordan Died, in the next
room. It’s a real thrilling tale!” I spat sarcastically.

The man
didn’t budge. It was as though everything I said blew around him.

“The outside
looks exactly like your home. The inside” the man said, gesturing to the wide
open areas that used to be populated by furniture, “is yours to personalize”.
The man started walking to the front door. “Now, I must be on my way”.

He flicked
his fingers, opening the door. He turned around and smiled. “Don’t think of me
as the bad guy. I just wanted you to feel at home, give you a fresh start

My mouth
hanged open. “What exactlyis here?”

afterlife” the man answered simply.

“So… the
afterlife is just this house?” I inquired.

The man
sighed. “I know you have a lot of questions, but I have so little time”.

He stepped
outside, waving goodbye as he went. “Enjoy yourself!” he said.

I ran
outside to ask him one last question, but when I stepped outside the door I
noticed there was no ground beyond it; my house was perched rather precariously
on a cloud.

For a split
second, I stood on the edge of the cloud until reality fully set in. I shouted
in shock and quickly leaped back into my house and slammed the door behind me.
I heard laughing from outside the door and decided to investigate it. It was
the man.

He grinned
when I reemerged. “Just kidding!” he said. He flicked his fingers and the
clouds before me parted. I saw multiple houses sprawled out on huge clouds.
Each one was different and unique. One of them was a castle, a modern two-story
house and another one a farm ranch. Many people were wandering around outside,
people I assumed that also lived in the afterlife. A handful of them were
gathered in front of my own house.

I stood
awkwardly at my doorstep as the people looked at me almost as awkwardly. I
thought I should just slowly back up into my house and wait for them to leave,
but all of the sudden an elderly man began pushing himself to the head of the
group. I could hear him grumbling from here.

“Back away,
all of you back away!” the old man said. He was crying profusely. “That’smygrandson!”

I stepped
forward after I heard him say that. “Grandpa?” I asked the old man as I walked
towards him.

He came to
me as fast as he could and embraced me, still crying. “Oh my boy… I can’t
believe this could’ve happened…”

“I… its ok
Grandpa” I said, leaving his embrace. I was about to cry again myself. “I’m…
I’m ok. I’ll be fine here”.

He shook his
head. “It’s not a question of if you’re fine… you… you died!” he said, still
crying. “I’ll strangle whoever did this!”

His words
gave a new though into my head; maybe I needed revenge on Hunter. After all, no
one in my eyes deserved it more than him. I shook my head, trying to get these
thoughts out of my head. I wasn’t going to fall down to his level.

I tried
calming Grandpa down. “Grandpa, I’m fine. I know what happened… I just want to
move on. Forget it ever happened”.

looked at me strangely. “You want to just forget you died?”

“Yes!” I
exclaimed. “I wanted to remember… but now all I want to do is just leave it

He fell
silent, then nodded after a brief period of time. “I understand your decision”.
He nodded again. “I just don’t know why”.

I knew
exactly why. I guess the man who I assumed ran this afterlife had been right. I
had hated my life so much. Now that I had perished, it was all the past. It’s
time to forget the past and make way for the future. It’s time for a new life,
a fresh start, in this new world. As much as I liked my friends and missed
them, thinking about them and crying about it didn’t help. It only made me feel
worse about the current situation.

Did I still
feel bad that I was killed by a sick bastard? Of course. I wanted so badly to
rip his head off his shoulders. Thinking of revenge wouldn’t help; I’d never
get it. Besides, Hunter can’t get me here, can’t bother me here. I’m protected
from the evil people of the world.

Nothing bad
can get me here.

The End

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