Last Week On EarthMature

Jordan Dikes is hit by a car one day and dies. However, he is moved into the afterlife in which he recieves a mission from its leader... but the only thing that is on Jordan's mind is love, friendship... and revenge.

I found
myself unable to focus once again as science class began. My mind continued to
drift to what I was going to be doing later that night; my friends and I were
going down to a bowling alley just to chill out for the first time this year.
It had been forever since I had seen them, and all I could think about was
having a good time.

I found
myself completely focused when my teacher, Ms. Tierna, slammed a book on my
desk with such force that the desk vibrated and bumped my head. My hand rubbed
the back of my head where I had been hit, and I looked up at the teacher with
an obvious look of annoyance.

stop daydreaming. That’s all you ever do in this class” Ms. Tierna said
strictly. “I don’t want to have to write you up for this”.

I sighed.
“Yes Ms. T” I responded dully. Throughout the lesson, whatever it was, I still
paid little to no attention.

Up to this
point right now, my life in a few words is living, breathing hell. From birth
to the day I turned sixteen, my life had given me no breaks whatsoever. First
off, I had been teased and beat up plenty of times in my elementary school
years. And here is the best part about it; none of the teachers ever noticed or
seemed to care! This continued on until I reached middle school, where the
teasing turned into fighting and the beating up into knives. Once I got to high
school, the fighting turned to knives, and the knives turned to guns.

My friends?
I have little. We had always stuck together, that is, until high school, when
we were all split up. As my cruel fate would have it, I was on a team that
shared nothing with the ones my friends were on. Figures. Just friggin’

Every day
the only thing my mind seems to drift to is how awful my life is. It is awful.
I had stood on a windowsill once and held a blade in my hands before
contemplating my reason of existing. So far, the only motivation I have to not
go ahead and kill myself is that I don’t want to have the feeling of a knife
going into my chest. I also seemed to have some twisted thought that eventually
everything will get better and I’ll rebound from this hole I had been buried

Not many
things kept me going other than that. I’d like to stay with my friends to the
end, but recently I have been rethinking that. I’d like to have my girlfriend
by my side whenever I need someone smart and nice, but recently I have been
rethinking that.

all of these thoughts will be cleared out when I head out for tonight. I looked
up at the clock as though it was nearly time to go, but I knew that it was only
second quarter. I guess I was just praying that the clock would jump forward
another six hours. Then I would be driving in my car down to the bowling alley
with not a worry in my head.

Ms. Tierna
walked beside me again, giving me an evil stare. I matched it, silently saying
“Don’t bug me today”. She walked back to the front of the room after believing
I was finally focused.

I never was.

My attention
soon fell on the kid laughing in the back row. At first glance, judging a book
by its mangled cover, you would think Hunter Feworth was an unpopular,
bad-looking boy with no sense for hygiene. Oddly enough, he was completely
popular and girls flocked to him for seemingly no reason at all. Honestly, I’m
not sure what they see in him.

Most of the
time he just sits in the back of the classroom (even if his assigned seat isn’t
back there) and just BS’s with his cronies that look just like him and act just
like him. I never got to know their names, and I don’t want to. I’m comfortable
calling them Mini Me 1 and Mini Me 2.

Ms. Tierna
did nothing about Hunter or his idiotic cohorts. All he did was kiss up to the
teachers so that he would look like a perfect model student. Behind the scenes,
all he did was beat up those who he believed were on a lesser level then him.
To Hunter, there was his level, and then everyone else. To me, there was the
dumbass level and everyone else. Guess which one Hunter falls in?

Sitting in
front of the… things… was the one person in the world I probably couldn’t live
without. My girlfriend, Amanda Hundson. She was incredibly intelligent, much
like I am. She’s also incredibly beautiful. While she may not be so
good-looking in the eyes of everyone else, she is to me. Are there girls that
look better than her? Possibly. Are they as nice and smart as her? No friggin’
way. Amanda is the most compassionate and kind person I have ever met, and that
will never change.

She looked
over at me, smiled, then went back to being annoyed by Hunter’s disruptive
behavior. If I ever got the chance to shoot somebody, there’s no doubt it would
be Hunter.

After an
eternity; I seriously think it was that long; the bell sounded over the
intercom that the class had ended. I picked up my belongings and trudged out
the door. Before I could make it, Hunter intercepted my path and slapped my
stuff hard enough to cause me to drop them on the floor. Afterwards he began
kicking my supplies all over the place.

He bent down
and punched me on the shoulder. “Go fetch, dog” he snarled. His minions laughed
at his attempt at being funny as they strolled away. I took a few deep breaths
to try and calm myself down. Seeing that I couldn’t, I just began picking up my
possessions. It would have taken forever if Amanda hadn’t come over and handed
me two of my binders that had been scattered around the place.

I nodded.
“Thanks” I said, continuing to relocate my things.

“No problem”
she replied.

Ms. Tierna
sighed. “Get moving or you’ll be late!” she said harshly.

I looked at
her incredulously. “Your ‘perfect model student’ Hunter knocked my stuff out of
my hands!” I exclaimed. She shook her head.

would never do such a thing”. She pointed down the hall. “Now get moving!”

Amanda had
finished gathering my stuff and handed them over to me. I muttered thanks
again, then I walked off towards my next class. Oh, what a shock; I was just
about to be later again. Thankfully, the teacher, Mr. Northcutt, kept the door
open for me. He was the only teacher that seemed to have any sympathy for me.

“Your day
been OK?” he asked me.

I decided to
just pretend everything was fine. I probably should have told him everything,
but something held me back.

“Yeah, I’m
fine” I responded. I walked in and took my seat. Just before I sat down, Hunter
pulled my chair away and caused me to fall back on the floor. As usual, no
teacher noticed; Mr. Northcutt was talking to someone outside.

I cursed,
then shouted at Hunter. I had had enough for today.

“Back off,
ok?” I shouted. Hunter shook his head.

“No fun in
that” he laughed.

“You’re just
nothing but a low-life bastard” I retorted. “When I get into the real world,
I’ll be sure to drop a penny your way for your box house fund”.

A witty
response such as mine (which wasn’t even that witty) seemed to be too complex
for the idiotic boy to handle.

“What, you
think you’re better than me?” he asked, though it didn’t sound much like a
question. “You ain’t”.

“You can
think what you want to then” I said. “Reality will slap you in the face once
you get out of your fantasy world”.

“Let me just
say eighty percent of the people in this room hate this kid” one of Hunter’s
friends said while he pointed at me.

“You’re not
better than me” Hunter said with finality. “You’re not better than anyone.
You’re the worst of the worst”.

“Bitch” he
spat. He turned back to his friends and went back to being himself. I felt
myself wanting to kill him right then and now. Acting on my thoughts, I took my
scissors out of my pencil bag and clutched them tightly. Was I really going to
do this? I was able to control my devious motives.

Northcutt entered the room and started teaching his history lesson for the day.
I couldn’t pay attention in this class either; all I could think about was the
back-and-forth insults that had been shared just a minute ago. I hated Hunter.
I absolutely despised him. If he ever died, I’d be the person crying at his
funeral out of joy. Especially if it was I who killed him.

through this particular class was just as difficult as science before it. My
thoughts were flying around and ramming into each other and causing me to get a
slight headache.

Eventually I
heard the bell go off, a heavenly sound in my ears. I grabbed my lunch bag and
walked down to lunch, the only time I can see my friends. I sat over at our
usual table; the third one down from the lunch line. Jack and Brant were
already there.

“Rotten day,
as usual” I lamented.

“You too? I
got buried with homework, and I still have two classes left” Jack replied.

nodded. “Likewise” he said.

I shrugged.
“You don’t have airheads surrounding you twenty-four seven. I’ve had enough of
them for a lifetime”.

“Just ignore
them” Brant advised me. “They won’t do anything unless you respond”.

I shook my
head. “They’ll do it whether I respond or not. They’re persistent bitches”.

“If the
teachers actually did something for once instead of using their empty ‘no
bullying’ words, maybe things would be a little different” Jack said.

“They don’t
care” I responded angrily. “They think that everything’s fine”.

Sam sat down
at our table, another one of my friends.

everyone?” he asked. We all shrugged.

“Just a
normal day” I said. “Homework, annoying idiots, etcetera”.

He sighed.
“School’s full of ‘em”.

“Let’s quit
talking about depressing stuff” Jack suggested.

“Like where
we’re going tonight!” Brant said happily.

I smiled. “Yeah!
It’ll be the first time we’ve gone out this year. Getting away from this damned

“It’ll be
great. Harrison and Zach will be coming too, and we never see them” Sam chipped

“We can all
go get high on caffeine and just relax” I said, leaning back in my chair as I
thought of this. I love soda, and a night out with plenty of soda available is
just what I desire.

“You guys
won’t have too much fun, come to think of it” Sam said, grinning. “I’m the
master at bowling”.

“Pfft! Yeah
right!” Jack responded, challenging him.

“None of you
have a chance against me” I said, chipping in my own comment.

shrugged. “I extremely suck at bowling, so I have no room to talk”. We all
laughed at his comment.

The other
friend that hangs out with my group, Quintin, joined us at our table.

Quintin” I said, waving. He nodded, a grim expression on his face.

wrong?” Sam asked him.

“I can’t go
tonight” he said, bowing his head. “My folks don’t want me out at such a late

“We’re there
at six, you could at least stick around for a few hours!” I said.

“Well, you
guys know my parents have always been too overprotective of me, and I don’t
think they’ll ever stop” Quintin said. He sighed. “Sorry, but I’m not going”.

“That just
plain sucks” Sam said, a hint of anger in his voice.

We were
silent for a bit, a rarity at my table. We were usually pretty loud and having
a lot of fun. Come to think of it, today had been going really unusual so far,
and I began preferring the usual.

How ironic
it was when lunch seemed to pass by so quickly. If only my classes would be the
same! Two more classes were still left in the day, and I did not want to sit
through any minute of them.

They all
went on the same as usual; Hunter being himself, his miniature actors mimicking
him, my teacher being boring, and me getting extremely annoyed by the before
mentioned dumbass’ antics.

seemed to be really out to get on my nerves. I guess it was all due to the weed
he smokes outside during the lunch period. His cohorts, no doubt, had some of
the stuff too. They claimed a rainbow shot into the room and turned somebody
purple. All of his other friends prefer cocaine. They make me sick; just
reckless individuals slowly wasting away.

As I began
working on my math homework during some downtime in my current class, someone
smacked me hard on the back of my head. I didn’t even have to guess who it was.

“Your big
head’s like an egg; I just want to crack it” Hunter joked. His high-in-the-sky
friends laughed like they were coughing from smoke.

I continued
to do what I was doing, ignoring Hunter and his Lucy’s in the Sky. Of course,
he decided to smack me again, with much more force.

“Damn thing
won’t break” Hunter laughed, hitting me once more. Why is it that the teacher
couldn’t see any of this happening?

I stood up
and stared him down. “Get you bitching attitude out of my face” I said, pushing
him away from me. Hunter smiled.

“Oh-ho! So
you wanna fight” he said, coming towards me at a fast pace. I ducked under his
punch with ease-as I said, he was probably too wasted to hit a grizzly bear.
Weed, various other drugs, and alcohol made one, extremely smart kid. And I say
that sarcastically.

The teacher,
Mrs. Frellich, finally noticed what was going on and decided to intervene.

“What are
you both doing!” she shouted, more of a demand that a question. Hunter just
pointed at me.

“This kid
started hitting me, and I didn’t know why. I just tried hitting him in self-
defense” he replied.

I shook my
head. “Yeah right! You kept smacking me on the head, then I pushed you back in
self-defense. You decided to turn it into a fight!”

Frellich took a deep breath. “If you two can’t behave properly in school, you
can do it after school. Consider this your warning gentlemen”. She walked back
to the front door of the room and started talking to another teacher there.
Hunter huffed and went back to his seat, not before threatening me.

“I’ll get
you” he whispered to me. “I’ll fucking kill you”.

I said
nothing to his response and went on with my work. Hunter still tried to make
his threats make me flinch, but I dismissed his comments. A normal person would
notice that I wanted nothing to do with him, but Hunter isn’t close to normal.
I could still feel his putrid breath on my shoulder.

I finally
decided to say something. “Could you move, please?” I asked, being as nice as I
possibly could to that creature. He walked away, still looking at me. Rolling
my eyes, I turned back towards the homework.

started talking to his friends and texting on his phone. While he did all this,
he periodically glanced at me, putting me at a feeling of unease. He was
planning something obviously.  No doubt a
night at a bar getting super drunk and then go ahead driving around the town.

A crackling
sound came over the intercom, indicating that the assistant principle was
beginning to talk.

afternoon, everybody. Here are the afternoon announcements”.

I decided to
zone out and just wait for the bell that was about to give me the best news of
the day. The announcements didn’t concern me anyway; it was telling jocks that
their football practice was cancelled, track was still on, and some other stuff
I neglected to listen to.

I started
packing the school supplies I required for the weekend as the clock slowly
began to count down to my freedom. For clarification, I asked someone next to
me if I had everything. Satisfied, I slung my backpack over my shoulder and
stood up as everyone else did; they were just as ready to go as I was. The
weekend was heaven to anyone in work or school.

Frellich complained and commanded us to sit down, but the bell sounded just as
she started to say so. I seemed to leap to the door, the exit of school and the
entrance to a good time. I wasted no time running down the steps and walking as
fast as I could to my car which was just across the bus parking lot.

I allowed my
mind to drift freely without intervention; a good time was coming. It wouldn’t
have mattered if I was jumping off of Mount Everest. I was going to be with my
friends that I haven’t seen for so long. I smiled, a good mood coming on. I was
about to turn on my iPod and listen to some Beatles music, but I noticed Amanda
was waiting for me at the other side of the street I crossed.

“Hey” I
said, greeting her. She smiled and said hey in reply.

“Gonna have
some fun tonight” I said. “My friends are heading down to the bowling alley
down on Huffrey”.

nice” she responded.

A thought
popped in my head. “You should come with!” I suggested. “We’ll have a lot of
fun. Hannah and Anna will be there too”.

shrugged. “Sure, why not? I’d like some time off”.

“Great!” I
said, grinning. Tonight just got better.

An audible
shouting noised caused me to turn my head to see the source. It was none other
than Hunter, talking as loud as he could with his friends. The beer cans they
held in their hands were clearly visible from this distance. They all packed
into Hunter’s car and got ready to head off.

“Airheads” I
said in disgust.

“No, they’re
perfect model students, remember?” Amanda said sarcastically.

Seeing that
the walking sign on the crosswalk was ‘walk’, Amanda and I started crossing
over, still talking about our lives and what happened today. The load roar of
an engine disrupted our conversation. Hunter’s car was barreling down right
after us!

Acting on
instinct I pushed Amanda out of harm’s way as the car neared us. I tried to
dodge the oncoming vehicle, but I was unable to; everything was happening so
quickly. My body was sent flying in the air by the force of the speeding car,
the feeling in my legs already gone.

I landed
with a loud ‘crack’-ing sound on the road. All of the feeling in my body was
entirely gone. My head had been busted open, and I could feel my blood
trickling out. My vision started to become blurred.

Hunter’s car
swerved around until it spun out of control and flipped over. Their drunken
stupidity caused them to probably kill themselves as well. Even though I felt
wrong about it, I hoped they actually had perished.

It was the
least that could happen for me at this point. I heard the screams of students
who had witnessed the crash. Teachers were running around, panicked, and each
one was dialing 9-1-1 on their cellphones. Some kids were doing so as well.

I grunted as
I tried to get up, but I gave up quickly. My pain was too great for me to move
a finger. It was too much for me to bear.

rushed over to my side. Her tears fell on my face, but I couldn’t even feel
them. I couldn’t feel anything. Was this what it was like to die? Was this how
my story ends?

“Please, no!
Jordan, don’t-“Amanda said between her sobs. “This can’t be… no!”

teachers at this point had rushed to my side. They tried to pull Amanda away
from me, but she refused to move. They tried taking my pulse, checking my
injuries, but I knew it was too late.

I decided to
accept the fate that had been thrown at me like a curveball. I had become completely
numb to all feelings, including my internal ones. I could no longer think; my
brain had given up as well and shut down.

The blare of
sirens sounded in the background, but they had no chance of making it. I had
been murdered by Hunter. Hunter had killed me.

I was slowly
slipping from life, a leaf ready to drop. Amanda was still leaned over me.
Using all the strength I could, I lifted up my arm and brought her closer to me
even though the pain punished me greatly for this movement. Giving off one last
smile, I closed my eyes…

The End

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