Last Trip To Hawaii

Reburduh and Arnold, two teenage girls, decide to go on vacation to a small island in Hawaii for our senior year. Soon, their trip gets flipped around and everything good becomes bad. The Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii erupts. The girls soon become the only survivors and have to survive off the materials left after the disaster. Join us as their trust began to turn for the worst. They will finally realize the limitations of their friendship.


June 18, 2010

  After a week of graduating high school, my friend and I  prepared for our  trip to Hawaii, which was being planned 2 months before. Both Reburduh and I had dreamed of visiting Hawaii before we both left for two different colleges. Hawaii was  the first thing on our bucket list and our final thing checked off. We began packing our luggage, as we were on the phone together. “Are you excited about our trip tomorrow?” Reburduh had asked me. I told her yes that this is my very first plane ride, it’s going to be so pretty. Once we hung up, I got ready for bed and dreamed about our vacation tomorrow.

Reburduh had planned to take a trip after she graduated with me. It just so happened that Hawaii is one thing both of us had in common. We both are very diverse, personality wise, but dream wise, quite similar. I am fascinated with the life of a volcano and spend a majority of my time researching about volcanos. Therefore, meaning I am highly interested in spending a week in Hawaii to view the lovely Mauna Loa volcano , located in Hawaii. Reburduh is more caring of the looks of a place. Hawaii, small islands, clear blue water, and the perfect beach is just the place for her. I can’t wait to make these memories.


June 19,2010

Well this morning, both of us arrived at the airport at six o’clock in the morning exactly. Waiting in lines to be seated in the plane was no boring time for me. I had asked Renurduh, “What if while we were there, a volcano erupted?”  “Are you trying to make us die? That was the last thing I wanted you to say on this trip” Reburduh responded. I was somewhat offended and said, “well don’t worry, we won’t have to worry if we plane crash. We’ll already be dead”. Reburduh just bluntly rolled her eyes. After commenting rude input towards each other’s statements, I did more research. I started to believe that there was a possibility of the Mauna Loa volcano volcano erupting. I simply kept my mouth close, just to prevent Reburduh from backing out of our vacation.

After getting on the plane and landing, we both received the normal Hawaiian tourist introduction of wearing a hula necklace. Reburduh was fully excited about visiting Hawaii and taking nonstop selfies. I on the other hand, was trying my hardest not to give in and tell Reburduh the truth about what I had seen. Once we had seen a good portion of Hawaii for a day, we checked into the hotel. A beautiful hotel near the water and right next to it was a boat that took tourist to see the Mauna Loa volcano. “This is so pretty”, Reburduh said, smiling and looking at the hotels furniture choices. She had then looked at me, expecting some sort of reply. Unfortunately, I was completely zoned out as I viewed the sign for the boat, with a worried manner. “Tell me what’s wrong. I can tell something is wrong by the look in your face”. Reburduh said, sounding somewhat careless. I just froze, thinking of some sort of lie, “it’s nothing, I was just admiring the sunset”. Reburduh wasn’t too concerned about my problems, so she shrugged it off and once we reached the hotel room, she sat on her bed, texting until midnight.

        Me, unsatisfied and thinking we were going to die, snuck out. Once I left the building, I ran down to the boat, which had been closed for 5 minutes. When I arrived at the entrance of the boat, I stumbled upon an elderly man, the owner, Mr. Kabob. “I’m afraid you’ll have to visit me tomorrow, ma’am”. He told me politely, as I was packing to leave. “I have to go tonight, I’m afraid something bad might happen soon” i told him.

Then after five solid minutes of persuading him, he gave in and took me to Mauna Loa volcano . On the way, I took my cellular device and took notes of the surroundings as I headed towards the volcano. Finally, we reached the volcano. “Fascinating”, I whispered to myself, as I had jotted down more notes. Right as I looked back up, Mauna Loa volcano  began to shake abruptly, causing me to fall and throw my phone in the air. Eventually, wind started picking up and caused the phone to land in the deep water. I  began freaking out, because all of my research had been in that very phone and stupidly enough, I never saved it. “I’m sorry, but we have to leave right now! This has never happened before!” Said Mr. Kabob. After being 3 miles away from land, the shaking stopped and went back to it’s normal still self. I didn’t want to scare Reburduh, so I kept my travel stories independent. Mr. Kabob let me off the boat, frightened and was getting off the boat just as fast as I was. I sneakily went back to my room and acted as if I had been asleep the whole time.

June 20, 2010

This morning, Reburduh decided to get a tan, while I went to “run some aarons”... on vacation. I think not. I decided that I was spending all of my money on food, sleeping bags, and clothing. “Vacation?” The register woman asked confusingly. I kept my head down and stayed silent as I payed nearly five hundred dollars for my purchases. After putting all of my  new belongings in my rental vehicle, the next thing on the agenda was to find a place to store it. The other night, I mentioned to Mr. Kabob plan. The plan was to stock up now, because soon everyone will be dead and supplies will be unsafe after the eruption. He gave me a key to a cellar deep underground that only he and I knew about. So that is exactly where she put all of it. I debated whether to tell Reburduh or not. Though Reburduh is my lifetime friend, that did not mean she would do anything for me. I believed that since Reburduh didn’t care much and was very oblivious to her anger, why tell her? The only person she could trust now, was Mr. Kabob.

Once I drove to Mr. Kabob’s cellar, I had to sneakily place all of my belongings inside the building, due to the fact that it was right beside the airport. As busy as it was, I’m surprised I didn’t get caught with over a hundred pounds of potatoes. Once I closed the dark, cold room up, I felt more rumbling. Clueless of what it was, I wasn’t even fazed and assumed it was a plane landing.


June 21, 2010

Later that night, I arrived back at the hotel, trying to keep my cool, I closed my eyes and breathed in and out before exiting my car, just so I didn’t look like a complete trainwreck in front of Reburduh. When I stepped out of the car, just as yesterday, I saw Mr. Kabob and his boat sitting right at the edge of the beach. I quickly paced myself as I went to our hotel room, 116. “Hey”, Reburduh said to me as she was making a cup of coffee. It seemed as if this trip was making us more and more distant than usual, which didn’t bother me much. I replied with a quick wave and went directly to the restroom. Once I walked in, I locked the door and pulled my small notebook out of my left back pocket and tried my hardest to remember everything that was on my phone. I would go lay on my bed and I did that, but I feel as if I would be caught. Once I finished my notes, I walked out, finding Reburduh sleeping on the black rolling chair that usually stayed tucked under the office desk in the far corner of the room. Since I had no other nightly plans, I went to bed as well.

June 22, 2010

Waking up, I had a terrible dream that the whole island was shaking dramatically, causing me to fall off my bed. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the so called dream actually was reality. I look to my left to find Reburduh panicking and in the process of dialing the police. “The service is probably not working right now”, I told her and I got up from the ground. Since I no longer had a phone, I grabbed Reburduh’s phone to see if hers was working at all. Reburduh goes to the restroom as I try to check for signal.

As I was logging on, I noticed a message from a guy named Chases reading, “wow I don’t even know why you are still her friend, what a nerd.” It just so happened to be that she had been talking crap about me this whole vacation. That visual proof made me completely sure of not telling her. I stormed off, leaving the hotel, and ran to check on Mr. Kabob, before the weather got too brutal. The ground was somewhat shaken, but well enough so that I was capable of jogging in a straight line. I had to leave soon, because I knew it was going to get worse.

When I got closer to the boat, I saw Mr. Kabob walking towards me as well. We met halfway and he said, “We need to go to the cellar now”, as he was getting the hair out of his face from the strong winds. I nodded and we both headed towards my car. A part of me felt guilty for leaving Reburduh behind, but she was the last person I currently wanted to see or deal with.

Skipping an hour later, Mr. Kabob and I safely made it to the cellar and heard the ground rumble, along with screams of sorrow all around. Eventually, the shaking became so harsh that it caused me to fall and hit my head against the wall, causing me to pass out.

June 23, 2010,

I woke up, sweating, shaking, a bruise where my head hit, and broken furniture everywhere. I couldn’t find Mr. Kabob and it was completely silent. I was somewhat terrified to look outside, but at some point I had to. As I unlocked the latch, I saw the most scarring thing I will have ever seen in my life. My best friend, right in front of me, dead, and skin burnt on a majority of her body. Instead of laying their in tears, I covered my mouth and ran to tallest building on the island. I quickly climbed up the destroyed building, as I was trying to avoid the ashes floating in the air. Once I reached the top, I looked below at Hawaii. Everything was solid black and burnt to crisps. Buildings had fallen, due to the abrupt shaking, and people were laying on the ground dead, nearly unable to identify a single body.

I had no other choice, but to die as well. I’m never going to get help, I’m just going to sit here and rot in shame for betraying my best friend. How could one be so cruel? One lie led to me basically murdering my best friend? I’m no true friend, nor should I be treated with kindness when all I do is wrong, I wondered. Just as I was about to take my life, I heard the sound of some sort of aircraft coming near. It was a helicopter. The helicopter hovered over me as a man with bright yellow gear, jumped down from a rope on his waist and held his hand out. I grabbed it and we both were inside of the helicopter. He took his helmet off, “everything is going to be okay”.


The End

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