Last To Live

Mission Specialist, David Kelly looked through the Earth facing portal, and exclaimed, “Are you guys seeing this?”
Cosmonaut Yuri Chokavkov spied through another window, “Is it a fire? In Turkey perhaps?”
“That’s Germany,” that was the voice of Commander Joyce Cameron, the leader of this leg of the International Space Station’s mission in orbit around earth.
There was a click in their earpieces.
Joyce made the call, “Houston, ISS on the Big Loop. We’re seeing..”
There was a gasp, “Oh my god. Oh my god,”
“That’s a nuke!” Kelly said.
“Another in Moscow,” Yuri cried.
“oh my god. Oh no.”
ISS ; Houston, standby” came the call from Houston.
“ISS/JPL, on Loop 1, this is Koichi Nakamura. We’ve confirmed Nuke strike on Japan, Germany, Russia..” a loud crackle.
Kelly pointed, “Are those missle?” he clicked comms, “Houston, we’re seeing incoming. GET UNDERGROUND . Jesus!”
“Oh my god. Jesus..” tears dotted zero-grav, as Joyce wiped them away.
There was only silence.
“we’re alone?”
“we’re alone,” the men echoed.

The End

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