Where am I?Mature

Everything was silent beside the beaping of the cardiogram. His eyes wouldn't open no matter how much he tried, his throat was drier than the desert's sun.

"Where am I?" Were the only thing he could think of, screaming it in his own mind.

It took a while but his eyes finally gathered the strenght to open. His whole body was numb and couldn't move. He was laying on a bed, several IVs were plugged into him. He couldn't see much, but he knew he wasn't at the hospital anymore.

Where was he? He had came in for a routine operation, his apendix had grown large and the docs had said it was nothing. He couldn't feel the calming effect of morphine on him. Was he paralized?

From what little he could see, he saw a tree against the window, now leavesless. How long had he been out? Spring was just begging and nature had retaken it's colors when he fell asleep.

"he...rrppp." he muttered, not able to pronouce it.

he muttered it a few more times before a nurse heard it and came to his side. The kind nurse reasured him, told him what had happened. Apparently he had fallen into a coma several months ago and now had woken up from it. He blessed his girlfriend, Claire, who had pushed him into taking that ridiculously high priced insurance.

Claire... Where was she?

Eventually other nurses came to help until a young doctor came in...

"Gorgeous piece" He thought... Since when did he have any interest in men? He was strait...

Over the next few weeks, he got through reabilitation, after such a lenghty period of unconsciousness, his muscles had atrophied and he had to teach them again how to do movements.

The first snow marked the day he was finally cleared out of the hospital, but he was still on sick leave. Apparently Claire had walked out on him afterseveral long months. Being an only child without any living parents he didn't really have anyone left.

In reality, he really missed Scott.

Who was scott again? Was it that excentric uncle he had seen at family get together? Why would he be missing him?

One day, a knock was heard on the door of his appartment. A delivery man had a package for him. It had been sent from Mr. Johnson. He took it after signing the delivery notice absently. He didn't even notice his signature;


The End

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