The Offer PresentedMature

Damn that Nerathul.  Damn him, damn him straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Mike thought about it, actually took what seemed like an eternity to consider it.  Something felt inherently wrong about it - though two years ago, before Scott and Kael, he wouldn't have thought anything of taking another man's body.  Now, though, as he had met and fallen with the unrequited love that could be felt between two people, and now that he had learned to forgive, forget and move on, he considered the implications.  

"That depends."

"Depends on what?" Nerathul asked.

"What kind of man is he?  Handsome, ugly, deformed, what?"

Nerathul gave him a condescending look that irked Mike.  "Do you think, Michael, I would give you a body that did not at least reflect your rugged good looks as they are now?"  They walked on for a bit, walking through the spirit world, eating up miles away from the body in the alley.  "He is slightly wasted from the coma, but he is young enough and will easily become as strong and handsome as you are now."

Right now, though, he was a shade, a soul, a black-and-white version of his former self.

"Tell me about him."

"You can see for yourself," Nerathul said, as they now stood outside of a what looked like a simple ranch house.  

"He's there?"

"Do you not see the signs?"  He pointed to a sign on the lawn, and Michael went to read it.  Sunny Day Nursing Home.  "The man requires twenty-four hour care."  Nerathul walked through the doors, and Mike followed, still considering.  He would cheat fate once again, he thought - unless, of course, this was his fate now.

They walked through the living area of the house, which looked bigger on the inside than it did on the outside.  A bedroom was at the far end of the corridor.  He followed Nerathul into it, and saw the man lying in bed.  Machines around him beeped quietly in the silence of the room, as Mike went closer to him.

He was thin under the blankets, and lay stock still.  Mike could see the soul layered atop the body - the soul itself was stuck.  The soul's eyes caught his, its eyes imploring.  It couldn't speak, could not move.  

"And it's not damaged?  I'll be able to move?"

"As with everyone coming out of a coma, it may be difficult at first because of the muscles' atrophy, but I'm sure you can get around that."

He knew he could, but it would be painful.  And after that, he could find Scott again, and they would be together...

A voice in Mike's mind didn't think it was a good idea.  He squashed it.

"Do it," Michael said firmly.

The End

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