An unexpected visit.Mature

"Perhaps... I will allow it." Came a dark but serious voice behind him that echoed impossibly in the alley.

Where was Hermes? He knew it wasn't him.  He hadn't heard that voice in years... But he still recognized it. Although the mage felt weak and impotent, he still painfully managed to look up at it...

There he or it was, bathed in blasphemous magnificence, floating an inch above the concrete ground was Nerathul, one of the Fallens, he stood in the air, arms crossed and motionless with the exception of his raven wings that lazily brushed the cold air at Grim.

"...No... it can't be... Where's Hermes?" he said, spitting out a stream of blood.

"Glad too to see you again Michael" The angel answered back a slight touch of sarcasm pointing in his normally always serious voice. "As for Hermes, I'm afraid he's going to be a no show tonight."

The mage coughed more blood and the angel lowered down, passing his fingers over his eyes to close them, which gently detached the man's soul from his broken body, softly dragging him across the gauntlet. Nerahtul might have been a demon, but once he had been one from the seventh house of angels, the Reapers.

Finally freed from the agonizing pain Michael barked at the demon. "What in the hell are you doing here you back-stabbing asshole?"

"I promised to lead you to the afterlife don't you remember, it was when that irritating Djinn rescued you. After I killed you the first time and I did actually release you from the pact. Just not as you had wished." Despite the barrage of insult, the Elohim remained proffesional, ignoring Grimaulkin's proffanities.

"Whatever! But the hell do you want you ugly shit?"

"You soul belongs to Hades. It's where I am to conduct you. But that doesn't mean we cannot talk." He said suggestively.

"I don't want to hear it. So piss off." The mage snarled. "I had enough of your games."

"Maybe, but who say this is another game? I can offer you what you want."

"There's jack you can--" He bellowed, just as the slayer cut him off mid-sentence

"One word. That's all I need. To convince you" He said, begining to walk away. Grim in toe despite himself.

The mage grumbled angrily at him, but the fallen couldn't have cared less.

"Scott." He declared his expression now growing into a micro smile exposing his horrific dentition

"You're lying... Beside I won't give anything to you even if it means seeing him one last time..." Grim affirmed, only half-convinced of his words.

"Not quite. I give you the chance to be with him."

"Hades owns my immortal soul buddy. There's nothing you can do."

"In reality, you entered a pact with me. A concrete, binding pact written in your very blood. It might no longer be active, but I technically could contest Hades' ownership."

"So my soul to be with Scott? What's the catch?"

"You will be with him in death." Seeing the ghost's phantom eye narrows, he precised; "I won't kill him."

"This is my offer, I can reincarnate you, in the body of a man named Jonathan Jones, currently in a coma. You, will work for me, not as a thrall, but as a free agent, until death. When the contract shall expire, I will lead you to a more proper resting place. Where you could be with your lover."

The demon stared him right in the eyes with his empty ebon eyes.

"The decision must be taken now." Claimed the demon as they reached a hill, in the distance was Charon's vessel slowly approaching the nearby shore to lead the souls of the dead into Hades’ realm.

"No turning back after this." The fallen finally added. "What do you say?"

The End

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