fights, blossom trees and referalsMature

After music and a very boring maths lesson, we had break, we all sat around one of the circular tables, our usual spot for eating. We made up some more songs and ate a packet of crisps, nothing very interesting happened, so we made our way to biology, hooray…not. Today we were learning about photosynthesis, so we were doing and experiment. After the very boring biology lesson, we went to go to lunch; I had a chicken wrap for my lunch. We had to walk across the quad to get to our place, which was under the blossom tree on the field, we loved it there ‘coz it was so beautiful, especially in the spring when they started to fall. Half way across the quad we bumped into Claire, her “minions” weren’t with her, which was weird they were always with her. Everyone was walking faster than me seeing as I was thinking of more lyrics. She stopped me and no-one was any the wiser, “what the fuck do you want Claire?” I asked impatiently, “you took my boyfriend bitch” I looked confused, “your boyfriend? Who the hell is your boyfriend?” she looked seriously pissed, “josh” I looked at her quizzically, “who the hell would want to go out with a slag like you? Least of all Josh…he’s mine okay?” I went to walk away but she put her hand in front of me, “he was mine first bitch, now you must pay!” with that she started slapping and punching me. She punched me in my stomach which made me double up, then she pushed me on the floor, she went to kick my face but I rolled across the floor and swung my leg underneath hers so she fell over. We then started wrestling each other whilst scratching, punching, slapping and biting each other. The next thing I knew Jeremy and Taylor were pulling Claire off of me and punching her, Josh picked me up and carried me to the nurse’s room, he kissed me and said “are you okay?” I nodded “If you hadn’t come over I would have killed her” after the nurse had checked me over she sent me to the principal’s office. Claire and my two brothers were already in there. “what are my brothers doing in here sir? They didn’t do anything, this is between me and her.” he looked serious, “they were a part of this fight so you are all going to be questioned” I looked at him “sir, I think she should leave this school” he looked shocked “and why should she?” I looked at him confidently “well she’s the one who starts all the fights, and did you know that only yesterday she beat me up and I could have been brain damaged if Josh hadn’t got her off of me?” he looked at me in disbelief, “is this true Claire?” she just looked at the ground, and he gasped, “well Claire this is a very serious matter, the rest of you can go I need to sort some things out with Claire and her parents.” We left the room. I couldn’t concentrate on my last two lessons, with all that had happened, in last lesson the principle called me into his office, “Hayley, I understand that Claire has made school life for you terrible and unbearable, well I have had her moved to another school so you don’t have to worry about her anymore.” I sighed with relief and I went to go home.

The End

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