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The next morning, I woke up at about 7:00, I jumped in the shower, washed my hair and then I styled it. Then I got dressed in my black My Chemical Romance t-shirt, black skinny jeans and my black converses with my black and white scarf.  I then went down for breakfast, which was waffles today. I hugged Jeremy before I sat down; I drowned mine in golden syrup and ate quite quickly. After that was done I packed my school bag and got ready to leave. “Hayley are you ready to go yet?” Jeremy asked impatiently from the living room, “yup I just finished now. Let’s go!” and with that we all walked out and slammed the door. We got to the end of our driveway and turned right, I looked at Jeremy and Taylor “wait here a sec guys” Taylor rolled his eyes and said “hubba-hubba!” both Jeremy and I punched him, “ouch!” he moaned. “That’ll teach you to say stupid things.” He looked at the ground guiltily. I walked up Josh’s drive and knocked on the door. Zac answered it, “yeah, yeah we’re coming.” Josh must have heard this as he shot out of the doorway with his bag and coat in hand. He stopped just in front of me and whispered in my ear “hey beautiful” and then bent down to kiss my lips. I kissed him back and said “hey handsome” we both started laughing. Taylor started to wolf-whistle, so all of us stormed up the pathway and slapped him, “hey what was that for?” I looked at him in disbelief “I cant believe you just said that…Oh My God T you are so stupid sometimes.” At this he grinned widely until he realised what I had said, “hey that was totally unnecessary and uncalled for!” I stared at him, “just shut up okay!” and under my breath I muttered “I cant believe im related to you” I then started up a conversation with josh, “so…my brothers and I have started up a band but we are missing an electric guitarist and drummer…do you and Zac wanna join?” I asked him “okay sure…it’ll be fun.” He said. We smiled at each other and I then made a “so far, so good” gesture to Jeremy and he did one back. We grinned at each other knowingly.  We walked to school, Josh and I walked and in hand, occasionally looking at each other and smiling, the others we talking about us making a band, they were all arguing about which instrument was better and which person lead the band, josh and I looked at each other and burst into laughter, and left them to argue amongst themselves. As we walked through the school gate, we realised that everyone was staring at us. We must have looked confused because my best mate Chris came over and said “hey Hayley, im guessing your wondering why everyone is staring at you?” I looked blankly at him “err yeah!” he laughed at my reaction “well everyone wants to know what’s going on with you and josh.” I looked at him, “well we’re going out and it’s none of their business is it.” I went to walk to my first lesson, which was music and I had it with josh. When I turned around I saw Claire and her “groupies” glaring at me, what the fuck was that about? We entered the music room and sir said we had to write a song, great, something creative that would take my mind off of Claire, I decided to write a song called ‘ignorance’. I thought It was quite good, i finished before anyone else, I looked over at josh and silently laughed, his face was twisted up in concentration and he had about 10 pieces of scrunched up paper in front of him. Since I was finished I walked over to him to help him, “what’s up babe?” I asked him once I had reached him, “this is so hard, I can’t fucking write songs, I would prefer to write music, notes anything but this.” I had to laugh at this. “You think yours is much better?” I looked at him with a smug look on my face, “show us then and I’ll tell you whether it’s good or not.” I passed the sheet over to him, “shit! This is some good song, we could use this you know?” I smiled and looked at the floor in embarrassment. The teacher noticed me helping josh and called the class’ attention, “Hayley what do you think you are doing helping other student’s write their songs?” I looked at him in confusion, “I’ve finished mine, and josh was having trouble so I thought I’d help.” He rolled his eyes, “so do you want to show us the song you’ve spent ten minutes writing?” I shrugged, “okay, do you want me to sing it or say it?” he looked at me in disbelief, “you have a tune?” I nodded actually can josh come and practise a moment I think it’ll be better if I had some music?” he nodded in surprise, Josh grabbed his electric guitar, and we went to a practise room, I sang him the song so he got the gist of what the tune was like, ten minutes later we had a whole song. We went back downstairs and showed the class. Sir was gobsmacked, “I never knew you could sing that well, or write such good songs in such little time.” I rolled my eyes, “thanks, I think” he then looked at josh “I didn’t know you were a talented guitarist…do you two want to join the competition?” I smirked, “would mine and josh’s brothers be able to join as well? Their really talented…we’ll get them to prove it to you if you want?” he looked at us, “go and get them now.” We grinned and ran out of the room. We asked their teachers if they could be excused from their lessons, which they were and we all went into the practise room once again to teach everyone “brick by boring brick” another ten minutes later we had it, so we went into the room again, sir and the rest of the class were waiting in anticipation. Zac started us off with the drum beat, then everyone except for me joined in with the melody, finally I joined in and sang my heart out. When we had finished sir was ecstatic, “I think I have found our chance of winning this years music competition” at this we all smiled and high fived each other.

The End

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