starting up the bandMature

I sat in J’s room for the rest of the night, writing more songs…I wrote two, one called “fences” and the other “misery business” as J didn’t know the tune I sang them over and over until we found the right tune that suited them…it took about 2 hours but finally we had a tune and called T upstairs to help us. We practised for another hour until we knew it off by heart. it was so much FUN! I could actually do this for a living if we ever got signed. I sighed, “way to go Hayley…get your hopes up before you’ve even got started, if your dreams get crushed don’t blame me” my brain said to me, I mentally argued with myself eventually I got so angry with myself that I said out loud “oh shut up” and started hitting myself on the head, and I wouldn’t stop until J stopped me and T was sitting there looking at me like I was crazy, “what?” I asked them, “why are you hitting yourself hayles?” J said, “my brain is being stupid!” J looked understanding, where-as T and his big mouth interrupted “you sure are crazy sis!” I glared at him “gee, thanks now you know why J’s my favourite brother!” he looked shocked and J grinned, “I always knew you loved me more than T” I grinned back, “even though he’s my twin I feel more of a connection to you and you don’t give a shit about if im crazy or not so of course you’re my favourite.” T looked so sad, “im sorry Hayley…” I looked at him, “that’s okay but don’t ever say I’m crazy, I know I am but you don’t have to point it out!” he nodded, “good boy T, good boy, you sure learn quick not to get on the wrong side of me” he nodded again “I sure do Hayles.” We smiled at each other and carried on practising. Mom came upstairs at about 11:30, “come on guys can we stop now, before the Farro’s set the police on us?” I smiled, “mom as if Josh is gonna let his mom set the police on us, as you damn well know both Josh and Zac are musical,” she rolled her eyes and said “well can we stop anyway im tired and im sure Hayley will want to get some sleep.” I looked at her dubiously, “what? No mom I love doing this, I want to do it forever!” she sighed “fine waste your life then” she started to walk away and I shouted after her “you wont be saying that when we are a famous band.” I heard her snort, “Sure. Whatever makes you happy?” And went downstairs.  When I looked around J was speechless “what?” I asked, “That was so fricken cool, I have never heard anyone speak to mom like that and yet she didn’t do anything…” I smirked “well its me, she’s a pushover when it comes to me, I swear in front of her she don’t tell me off but when T swears in front of her he gets so told off its unreal.” He laughed at that. “And what was that I heard about Josh and Zac being musical?” I looked at him “yeah Josh plays the electric guitar, and Zac plays the drums. Why?” he smiled, “would they like to join our band, coz they are the two instruments we need?” I grinned, and hugged him “that’s J and I’ll ask them tomorrow okay?” he coughed, “well you ask josh, I’ll ask Zac seeing as he’s in my year okay?” I smiled and high fived him “alright, we’ll do it tomorrow.” We hugged once more and then went to go to sleep.

The End

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