kisses and brothersMature

As we got closer to my front door I looked down at my arm, what was I going to tell my family? I couldn’t tell my older brothers Jeremy and Taylor they would go to my school and beat the shit out of Claire and her “minions” not that I wouldn’t enjoy watching it, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? But I didn’t want my brothers to go to prison for assault and battery, so maybe it wasn’t a good idea after all. I don’t know what I am going to say…

“Hayley?” Josh’s voice pulled me out of my contemplation, “yeah?” I said, “Erm I don’t know what to say so…” he trailed off, and then grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him, he started to move closer to me, he must have seen the confusion and panic on my face and put his finger to my lips, “shush…its okay I wont hurt you” I looked at him, “its okay I trust you, but what’s going on?” he didn’t answer me, instead he kissed me passionately on the lips. I was completely shocked but it felt good, he was a good kisser. I felt comfortable with him; even though he was my best friend who said we couldn’t be something more than that. I was in love with him and all my fretting over what I was going to do or say just melted away and all my happiness of the kiss took its place. I was in complete awe of what this boy could do…he was good at everything, sports, music, English and now kissing. We broke apart but only to have a breather, “Hayley…” he was breathless and seemed panicky, “yes Josh?” I asked worriedly, “I love you so much, will you go out with me?” he seemed completely in love with me…I contemplated his offer, “okay, sure I’d like that.” We smiled at each other, kissed each other once more as a good night kiss, and then we parted and went inside.

I felt over the moon, I walked into the house on cloud nine. “Hayley?” mom said warily, “yes mom its me.” I heard a sigh. “Where do you think you have been? Its 8:30, you were supposed to be here by 5.” I looked at her and noticed she had been crying. I held up my broken arm, she took one look at it and burst into tears again. “Mom don’t worry im fine.” I tried to sound reassuring even though I felt like crying myself. “How did it happen?” I sighed. Here we go. “Some really bitchy girls beat me up.” she gasped, “but don’t worry, Josh saved me.” She looked confused. “Who?” I looked at her in question “Josh Farro…lives next door?” I tried to spell it out for her “oh the nice boy who you used to make mud pies with!” I sighed “yes that’s the one!” I heard a series of thumps and bangs, and my brother Taylor came bounding the stairs. “Got something to tell us sis?” I held up my arm, “err…I broke my arm today?” he shook his head “no that’s not what you got to tell us, although I would like to know how you managed to brake your arm!” I looked at him dubiously; “I tripped over in school and fell down the stairs?” it came out as a question rather than a statement. “Liar!” he said…shit he knew me too well; well I suppose he was my twin. “Fine Claire and her “followers” beat me up but josh saved me” he looked at me with a smirk, “ah. Now were getting somewhere…first thing it will give me and Jeremy great pleasure in beating up those bitches…” “What did you say mister?” Haha he always get’s in trouble when he swears in front of mom where as she lets me get away with murder. “Sorry mom…and anyway, you and josh ey?” I looked at him, “what were just great mates and he just helped me by getting them off of me.” He raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes “oh sure like me and J didn’t see you tonguing him outside…” my mouth dropped about 10 feet to the floor, “Oh My God, tell me you did not just see that.” He smirked and winked “oh yeah, lets say… you little sis, did put on quite a show for us.” I started to get mad now “oh im so gonna kill you two.” T just laughed, “Don’t we get a say in who you go out with…although he certainly does get the brothers vote.” I smiled “thanks, nice to know you care.” And he laughed at me.

I glared at him, “so what, yes we are going out, and no you’re not the boss of me, I can go out with who I want to, and it just so happens that I want to go out with Josh okay?” I shouted, T flinched and said “okay, okay you don’t have to get all defensive” I stared at him “I don’t get defensive” he looked at me dubiously and muttered “yeah whatever little sis” I rolled my eyes.  I went to walk away when he said “so when do we get to meet him?” I looked at him confusedly, “you’ve met him before, and we have been best friends since we were babies…” he rolled his eyes, “err yeah, but you haven’t introduced him as your boyfriend” I sighed, “do I have to?” “Yes don’t you get it…you get a boy, you bring him over, we interrogate him to see if he’s up to our little sis’ standards.” I looked at him blankly, “he is up to my standards though, he’s better than all the chavvy boys in my school, all the ‘rude boys’.” He contemplated this thought, “true I suppose, fine he’s good enough for you…” I smiled “great, now can I go upstairs before I die of embarrassment, and you two lead a life of regret?” “Why would we live a life of regret?” I sighed “well firstly I would die of embarrassment, and if not that then I would get killed by Claire and her weirdo followers.” He looked at me seriously, “they lay another finger on you and they will be dead. Im serious!” I shivered, “I know and that’s the scary thing,” he stuck his tongue out at me and I burst out laughing. “But now on a serious level, you have to tell me all what happens in this relationship. And I mean EVERYTHING!” I looked at him in horror, “eww. That is so wrong on so many levels” I looked at him disgustedly and ran up the stairs. My other brother Jeremy was sitting on his bed playing his guitar; he was playing a song which I wrote called “brick by boring brick” it made me smile to know that he was playing one of my songs. As soon as he saw me, he called my name and told me to come in his room, while I did this he put his guitar on his bed, that guitar was his life. “Hey Hayley…Oh My God, what’s happened to your arm?” I looked down at it, you know I had completely forgot about it, with all what had happened with Josh and Taylor I hadn’t remembered that I broke it in the first place. “Oh I broke it…” he picked my arm up as carefully as he could without hurting me, got his best sharpie pen and wrote his signature. “How did you do it?” oh you know Claire Bateman?” his eyes widened, “what Chris Batemans sister?” “Yup that’s her!” he looked at me seriously, “what the hell has she done?” he seemed super angry, “she beat me up, coz I called her a slag, which she is.” He looked at me surprised, “joker, I taught you well sis” I had to laugh at that. “So you and josh are together?” he asked, “yup…” I winced I wondered what he was thinking right that moment. “Cool, he’s a nice dude…” I almost passed out with relief. “Do you wanna join my band? Taylor is being the rhythm guitar, I’m the bassist, and you can be the singer if you want…you’re a good singer!” I smiled “thanks I think I will you know” “You can also write the songs seeing as your really talented in that area as well.” I loved J, “thanks J!” “Your welcome hayles” I smiled at his nickname for me, it brought back good memories.

The End

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