hospitals and refusalsMature

“Hello Hayley, my name is Courtney and this is my colleague Kimberley, we’re here to help you hunny, now where does it hurt?” before I could move josh said “her right arm, it seems broken” the ambulance women looked at him and said “okay we will get her to hospital and check her over, do you want to go back to class now?” he seemed shocked “no please let me come with her. I promised her older brothers I would look after her.” they looked doubtful “but son that’s our job and I can tell you now, we will do an excellent job of taking care of her, you can come to the hospital later and see her.” Josh looked at them dubiously and insisted “no I want to come, please let me come with her.” by the end of it I think they got fed up of him not doing as they said, so they gave in. They placed me on a stretcher and carried me out of the school with Josh following behind. The whole school were staring at this point and I moaned. They bundled me into the ambulance and Josh sat on the seat next to me and held my hand the whole way there. When we got there I was carted through to the emergency ward and they took me straight away to get an x-ray. They scanned my whole body just in case; I had a broken arm and a very bruised face. I was very lucky, if I hadn’t protected my face from the blows, I may have been brain damaged. They put a purple cast on even though I wanted a black cast on, seeing as it was my favourite colour, I wanted people to sign it, so I chose purple as it’s light enough to write on but still dark enough to be classed as a gothic colour. As you may have guessed by now I am an emo, I love rock music and dress up in skinny jeans, t-shirts with band names (which no-one has heard of) on them, and converses and vans. As you may have also guessed im very partial to the colour black. As soon as the cast had set I was discharged, by this time it was 8 o clock, Josh held my good hand and we started walking hand in hand under the stars, it was very romantic, I didn’t have a boyfriend and I was pretty sure he didn’t have a girl, I wanted to ask him out but I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way about me. So I just walked in silence contemplating whether our relationship classed as more than friends seeing as he had saved me from those slags, but then again he is my next door neighbour and we had known each other since we were babies, I mean we made mud pies with each other so maybe he thought it was his duty to protect me, oh im so confused my brain is actually hurting.

The End

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