meeting JoshMature

My name is Hayley, im 16 and I have a pretty good life. I have black hair which is in a pixie cut, I have really pale skin and I have bright green eyes. I am quite short but I have a really big heart and love all my friends and family. I have a boyfriend called Josh; he is taller than me, with brown hair and blue eyes. He lives next door to me and prior to us going out we were best friends. He is quite athletic but prefers to read than playing sports, he loves all the bands im into and loves the same films as me. We have so much in common that we could talk forever and never get bored. He is sweet, kind, romantic, good looking and sensitive. He never lets anyone pick on me and he loves me so much, and I love him back. Josh and I have been going out since my fifteenth birthday; I was getting picked on by the sluts of the school and josh was walking past at the time, he said “leave Hayley alone, what’s she ever done to you sluts?” they gave him a massive glare and told him to “fuck off” so I said to them “go and fuck each other, im sure you’ll all enjoy that!” well lets just say they weren’t very happy with either of us. We both spoke our minds and didn’t care if we hurt them; they hurt us more than enough times. As Claire the ‘queen’ of the school or the leader of the sluts moved closer to me and pushed me I said “fuck off sket, your mom is so dumb that she calls you daughter of a whore!” I started to walk away when she grabbed my arm. “Why the hell are you touching me?” and that’s when she slapped me round the face, her little minions joined in and started punching me in the face. It only lasted for about 2 minutes and then it stopped “yeah that’s right fuck off” I heard josh shout after them. “Are you okay Hayley?” he whispered in my ear. I moaned my arm hurt; it felt like it was broken. “What hurts? Tell me so I can help you” with my good arm I pointed to my broken one, it hurt to talk so I decided not to. I was in so much pain that my eyes started to close when I started to drift off I heard “HAYLEY, STAY AWAKE PLEASE!” and felt him shaking my good arm. I murmured “im awake, im awake…” I struggled to keep my eyes open, I realised that when Josh had screamed he was ringing for an ambulance and they had heard that I was “falling unconscious” as josh had said so they were dispatching an ambulance right away.

The End

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