last requestsMature

Hayley is an extra-ordinary teenager. She is the singer of a band. she doesn't seem to be the famous type, seeing as she gets bullied and left alone, but all that changes when she meets Josh, after he saves her from Claire. what will happen to Hayley once the band gets a record deal? will it be all rainbows and sunshine? or will something more sinister happen?

Sitting in a cold, dark room with a gun pressed against your temple, whilst blindfolded is not exactly the way you imagine your death to be. I started crying, “Shut the hell up bitch!” I tried to muffle my sobs but it didn’t work. “Either shut up or die” I gasped, “either way your gonna kill me” I tried to sound confident even if I didn’t feel it. “Do you have any last requests?” I could imagine him sneering at that moment.

The End

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