Chased By History

“How did you guys get out?” asked Dylan as the group walked along the tracks through the abandoned subway “a stray bomb blew the wall open and we scooted out the back and came around the front and Marly saw you in your cell so yeah that’s how” said Rachel “Ouch!” moaned Venus from behind them “you right?” asked Julian “yeah, Yeah I’m fine, I just hit my toe on the tracks” said Venus. “come on War, you can sniff later” said Venus waving her arm to the stallion. War stop sniffing and bounded up to Venus then decided to eat Venus’ hair, the group laughed. The hadn’t Laughed like that since they were back at the Tree Top Town and in London it meant a lot to Dylan and Venus. “big pig” commented Venus as War scoffed down an apple given to him by Dylan, saving Venus’ hair “ok War needs exercise who wants to ride him ahead then back to us” said Venus “ME!” said nearly everyone at the same time “ok, Angel, I saw you raise your hand first, Bob can you give her a leg up?” asked Venus “sure”, said Bob giving Angel a leg up onto Wars back. War jumped a bit when Angel’s foot knocked his cut on his hindquarters but he was alright after Dylan just quickly bandaged it up while Venus gave Angel directions and taught her how to use her legs to trot him around the station even though she already knew  “Here take this you’ll probably need them” said Venus handing Angel the rope while she tied them to make reins “thanks” said Angel “can I canter him?” asked Angel “well I wouldn’t on train tracks, and can you even canter a horse?” asked Venus “yeah, I had a horse before I moved to the Tree Town” said Angel “well don’t canter him unless it’s in dire need ok” said Venus “alright” said Angel trotting War on . a few hours later Angel came out of the darkness in a frantic panic “whoa!” called Dylan grabbing Wars reins, he was a scared as Angel was “what happened, what’s wrong?” asked Rachel “we need to go now!, there are soldiers up ahead and they saw me, they almost shot me and War, I got a lead off them because I was on horseback but their not far from here” said Angel dismounting “we can’t run not with Ben, and the others that are injured” said Julian “we can set an ambush” said Dylan “this place is the only place with light, right here on the track, so Bob and Julian can lead War and the others away to higher ground and us and the teens who can weld a bow and arrow can stay here and fight” said Dylan “lets go!” said Venus. Their were about  6 to 8 injured or couldn’t weld a bow and arrow  and the other 10 or so were able to fight, they had to teach a few of the refugees though but they were almost perfect by the time the first signs that the men were closing in arrived. “ok hide everyone” whispered Dylan when everyone was up onto both of the stations platforms. They waited silently, waiting for Venus to fire the first arrow in which they would start firing arrows in a pattern Dylan had learnt that would confuse the soldiers. There were about 6 to 12 men each with a dagger and a gun Venus fired the first arrow and it pierced a mans head, killing him instantly, and alerting the other men then the others fired their arrows accordingly to the pattern and about 5 men were killed, and another injured from a passing arrow. "Wait! Wait, whoever is shooting at us!" called a man who was looking around for signs of life. "Why?" called Dylan from the darkness "we are just looking for a group of teens who escaped General Sampsons facility, that's all" called the man. Dylan walked forward a little bit so that half her body was in the light and the othr half in the dark "You are the teens we're looking for aren't you?" asked the man now looking at Dylan "yes, but we have no intention of coming peacefully, or at all for that matter and who is General Sampson?" questioned Dylan firmly "he's the armies commanding General, but you might know him as the guy who interrogated you, I believe. How many of you are there?" asked the man "enough to kill you and your men, Who's army?"" asked Venus now emerging from her hiding place on the other platform bow and arrow at the ready "King Simon, please  just let us leave with our lives" said the man, now getting scared "can't do that, if we let you go you can give away our location, numbers etc" answered Dylan. the man swallowed loudly. Dylan whistled and the others emerged like ghosts. "God. . . theres so many of you" said the man in amazement, he obviously hadn't expected this many teens. Venus and the other teens tied the man and 3 other men to a pole on the plaform and ran off to catch up to the others, Dylan stayed behind. "Who are you?" asked the man "Dylan" replied Dylan slinging her bow over her back and pushing her auburn hair behnd her ears. "so you lead that rebellious  group of teens?" queried the man "no I don't, I used too" said Dylan walking over to the edge of the platform "Wait, you can't just leave us! not without food or water!" called the man "there's the vending machine" said Dylan nodding towards the 2 machine which are covered in dust before jumping down onto the track and run off the catch up.

The End

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