Back Up Plan

"God" Dylan cursed under her breath as she tried to look out the only window in the cell she was in from the seat under her. "Right up there, Shorty" said Julian laughing "I'm not SHORT!!" snapped Dylan "I guess it doesn't matter anyway it's basically dark now" said Dylan "stop teasing her, Julian" said Bob looking up from a torn newspaper he was reading "why do you read that thing it's from 1988" said Dylan, Temporarily forgetting the window and sitting down next to Bob "well besides looking out windows I have nothing better to do, and there's crosswords" said Bob "but you don't have a pen" said Dylan "it's called using your head sweaty" said Julian "Humph!" mumbled Dylan going back to the window. "DYLAN!!!! HELP!!!! DYLAN!!!!" called someone from outside their cell. Julian looked out, but didn't say anything "let me look!" said Dylan jumping down from the chair and pushing her way past the 2 adults. To Dylan's Surprise, it was Venus' walkie talkie on the desk in front of the cell door with guards and men around it,  but the thing that puzzled Dylan was the fact that the other walkie talkie that worked with it was back in London. Dylan went back inside the cell and climbed up the bunk to the top level and decided she would think it through in the morning. During the night, about 11:30pm Dylan was woken up by the shouting, running and the sound of explosions outside. Dylan, still in shock and full of alarm fell off her bed, and landing on Bob before shooting off to see what’s going on. Just as Dylan got to the cell door it flew open and Dylan fell through "What the!" said Dylan getting herself up to see the group there, Venus, Rachel all of them "We found War, he's behind the building, we need to get him" Called Venus above the noise. Dylan nodded and ran to the back of the building hoping to find a back door. Dylan, Venus and Rachel skidded outside to see the night sky lit up by explosions and the ground littered by people, bullet casings, guns, wagons and blood. War was outside by the gutter, he was wild with pain and fear. he had a huge gash on his hindquarters and was rearing, screaming and trying to pull himself free from the rope he must have got tangled in. Venus approached slowly, War caught her sent and stopped rearing, he look at Venus with his eyes which were showing total fear, but at the same time love, for Venus then he reared as Venus pulled out an apple from her pocket which was War's favourite treat. War laid his ears back at first before lipping the treat carefully off Venus' palm and eating it cautiously while Venus untangled him, made a halter out of the rope and quietly slipped it over his head, even though he jerked away about 5 times. War pulled at the rope and whinnied “easy, boy, easy” called Venus trying to keep her voice calm “come on we have to go!” shouted Dylan  tugging the rope out of Venus’ hands a leading the frighten Stallion on. The battle was getting worse as more and more men, horses and weapons arrived and started raiding the area killing everyone in sight, luckily the group found an old passage way leading to the ancient railway station deep underground and took it without hesitation.

The End

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