Making Friends

Dylan gasped, when the guards shoved Venus to the floor, Dylan jumped up and raced to help her friend stand "What the hell did you do to her!" said Dylan furiously "we tortured her to get information from her about your little raids and the locations of you lot" replied the man calmly "Dy....Dylan.....Help me" said Venus weakly as Dylan sat her down in the chair "get a first aid kit now!" Dylan shouted at the guards. The guards looked at the man, who nodded then the guards scrambled out of the room and returned with a first aid kit."So, what do you plan to do with us now?" asked Dylan, tending to Venus' wounds "not much really, we just need to find those boys which should be easy, then you guys rot here forever unless either you die or your ransom gets paid" replied the man in a cheerful voice as if he was pleased at something "what are you smirking at?" asked Dylan "nothing" the man said firmly "alright, I've done the best I can Venus, She needs a doctor now" ordered Dylan "thats not going to happen Dylan, until you tell me where those boys are" said the man getting annoyed "Can It, I'm not going to tell you, you son of a b****" swore Dylan "Why You Little..." the man stopped when a guard came in "Sir, we've caught 4 male teens, and 2 adults near the edge of Pisces they will be here in 4 hours" informed the guard "well then Dylan, your service isn't needed, take them back to their cells!" ordered the man before walking out of the room. Dylan picked up the first aid and put Venus' arm around her neck to help her walk and they slowly strolled to the cell. "oh, Venus are you ok?" asked Rachel helping Dylan set Venus down next to herself "she'll be fine she just needs to rest, and I've got some bad news, the people here caught the boys and 2 adults near Pisces and they will be here in 4 hours" said Dylan sittin down "oh, boy what are we going to do now" complained Sarah "Sarah, be quiet Venus is sleeping" warned Marly. The girls decided they might as well get some sleep and they all floated away into their own magical dreams. The Next morning Dylan woke up to find the 4 boys Ben, Matt, Luke and Daniel asleep on the other side of the cell. everyone was still asleep, Dylan figured they must have came in late or something, Dylan decided to clean Venus' wounds agian since she had nothing better to do. a few hours pasted and Dylan had cleaned every inch of Venus' woundes, re-bandaged  her legs an arms and put bandades over the smaller sores all without Venus even blinking. "Hey, how long have you been up?" asked Daniel waking up "a few hours" said Dylan packing away the first aid kit "How is she, we noticed her when we arrived last night" said Daniel getting up and moving over to Dylan then kissing her on the cheek "she alright" said Dylan kissing him back but on the lips "I missed you, so much I was so worried about you" said Daniel putting his arm around her and hugging her close "me too, though I have been busy" said Dylan snuggling into his warm chest. They sat like that for a long time until the man that interigated Dylan came by. "such a cute couple" said the man as Dylan and Dainel quickly seperated "what do you want" said Dylan madly "you, sweet pea" said The Man "Hey! she not going anywhere!" said Daniel standing up and shoving the man away "Daniel, It's ok I can look after myself" said Dylan grabbing his arm from behined him "Dylan...." said Daniel looking deep into her blue eyes "come on young lady" said the man brushing his suit "alright" said Dylan leaving Daniels side. Dylan was led down the hall into another cell with 2 adults in it. "your staying here from now on" informed the man before walking away "Hi, I'm Dylan" introduced Dylan holding out her hand "hello, I'm Bobby but everyone calls me Bob and this is my wife Julian" said the man shaking Dylan's hand. the people spent 2 hours talking about how they ended up in that very cell. "so do you have any kids?" asked Dylan "we did but we had to give them up for their own protection we heard that they were on the street with a gang whose leader has red hair and blue eyes like you" replied Julian  "do you know there names maybe I know them because I'm with a group of Teens" said Dylan "we think there names are Venus and Rachel" said Bob "hey, I know them, there here in this building, their my best friends!" exclaimed Dylan standing up "Really! my god this is incredible news!" said Julian jumping up

The End

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