Dylan's Dark Hour

The girls were moved to a small prison just outside Denver, so they thought. "Dylan! Dylan!" said Rachel tapping Dylan's Face "what..." mumbled Dylan "wake up!" said Rachel pulling Dylan up "alright, alright jeez" said Dylan "come on Dylan! you aren't in chains and the guard said if your not in chains by the time he gets back we're dead!" said Rachel "well..." said Dylan holding out her hands "Dylan... are you ok?" asked Hailey who was sitting in chains a little way off "yeah, sure I am, lets get out of here" said Dylan walking into the cell wall "Ouch!" cried Dylan rubbing her head "Dylan look where we are" said Rachel "Oh Jesus.... We're in Prison!" said Dylan "yes" said Rachel putting chains on Dylan's arms and legs "you've been out for about 2 days now" said Sarah who like Hailey was in chains too "any sign of Venus?" asked Dylan "yes, while we were been moved to here, we saw her being led into a room and she looks like a mess, her hair looked dirty and is full of knots, her clothes are torn and she's covered in bruises, scars and cuts and...." Marly broke off, Marly is a refugee with Angel and the others. "Tell, her Rachel" said Annabelle "Tell me what?" asked Dylan "a little after we saw Venus go into that room we heard..... screams and crying from that very room" said Rachel looking at the ground as she said the horrifing news "oh no..." said Dylan, the colour fading from her face. "You, red head come with us" ordered the guard who had arrived. The guard released Dylan from the chains a led her into a room that looked like a room off tv where the police question people about murders. A man in a suit, carring a suitcase came in and sat down on the chair across the table from Dylan "what is your name child?" asked the man firmly "Dylan" replied Dylan swiftly "Dylan who?" the man asked again "I don't know my last name i've never been told" said Dylan "hmm, right" said the man, he opened his suitcase and brought out a yellow file and started to go through it. "alright, here we go, Your name is Dylan Summers, age 16, born in London 1994, a orphan and a homeless girl who lives on the streets with several other teens one of which I believe is Venus Price, am I right?" said the man "Where is Venus! you dirtbag!" yelled Dylan standing up and smashing her hands on the table "calm down missy your friend is fine now answer the question" said the man standing up and pushing Dylan down into the chair "not until you answer mine!" replied Dylan standing back up "She's here safe and sound" said the man sitting down "I don't think safe and sound is a girl been tortured and abused and been kept in a cell!" shouted Dylan "where did you get that from!" said the man "my best friends said that they saw her covered in cut, scars and bruises and they heard screams and crying coming from the room she was been led into" said Dylan "well....um they lied" said the man "your lying" "answer the question miss Summers" "no, let me and my friends go, we haven't done anything wrong" said Dylan sitting down "actully you have, you entered someones home univited, you killed people and you burnt down the town in the trees" "what! we didn't destroy Angel's town!" "who's Angel?" "one of the refugees from the town" "how many refugees" "8 or 9 teens" "is Angel here?" "yes, with Hailey, Sarah, Marly and Rachel" "and i figure they are some of the refugees" "yes, the rest are the boys who aren't with us and I'm not telling you where they are" "you might want to re-think that statement miss" the man clicked his fingers and the door opened and 2 guard came in holding a blonde haired girl covered in bruises, scars and cuts. They came in holding Venus. 

The End

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