Hide And Seek

The girls spilt and sneeked in and out of buildings in Denver hoping to get a glimpses of Venus or something that says she was here but nothing was there. The girls decide to stop and talk about anything they had. they were on the street when Dylan broke the silence"I swear we have looked in every stupid building and nothing has come up" said Dylan coldly, while pacing infront of the group "Dylan relax, we'll find Venus I promise" said Rachel standing up and stopping Dylan pacing "come on one more round before the nights out" said Annabelle. the girls slowly checked the different homes, shops etc until they came to an old fishing shack by the docks south of the main square in Denver. Inside the shack was a rusty bed with a few sheets and pillows, one wooden chair, chains with cuffs for your feet and hands laying beside it, and nailed into the floor, a toilet and broken sink. "eww! this place is horrible!" commented Sarah blocking her nose "I know, but this looks like a place to keep a teenage girl, look! there's more tissues and bottles of that stuff!!!" said Dylan running over the bottle and tissues by the bed "Venus was here!!!, here's the bangle she always had with her!" said Rachel, picking up the solid gold bangle "but why would they leave that here? I mean it's solid gold" said Annabeth "maybe these people just wanted Venus because she is a fantastic archer and War is one of the finest stallions i've ever seen so they could sell him for cash too" said Angel "but they don't need to kidnap her just for that, do they?" asked Hailey "no, not that i'm aware of, but she nearly killed a man a couple of nights ago" said Dylan putting the bottle in her bag "what! when?" asked Rachel "When she asked me to speak with her, near Lillac Cliff we saw about 20 men and horses going through the rubble of the town and Venus said she's seen them trailing us first when she and Ben were hunting before he got injured then at the river and when me and Venus went to see War while we were at the town and i can't remember why but she shot an arrow and it landed just infront of a guy" said Dylan "still either way......" Angel broke off when a huge man came bursting through the shack door with 9 or 10 men right behined him. before the girls could react they all had a rope being tied around them and a tissue with a liquid on it over their mouth and noses. "Let Me Go!!!" screamed Dylan trying to break the older mans grip on her. Dylan kicked, bit and punched until another man placed a tissue over her mouth and nose and then Dylan's eyes started to feel heavy and then everything went black.

The End

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