Road To Hell

"Well, what do we do now?" asked Sarah looking at the destroyed area "i don't know, Sarah" said Dylan starting to clean up the mess "Wars gone too, he's not down by the river, where we left him" said Rachel returning form the river "yeah and the ropes been cut too" said Kaleb, joining the group "thats just great!" said Dylan madly, throwing a book on the ground. Rachel picked up the book and said "relax Dylan, i know what it's like to lose someone thats like your sister" "no, you don't" said Dylan storming off to the cliff "i'll go after her" said Rachel handing the book the Hailey and slowly following Dylan. "I do know" said Rachel when Dylan sat down at the edge of the cliff "how do you know, you don't even know Venus" cried Dylan "actually I'm Venus' twin sister, i didn't tell you because i assumed Venus would have" said Rachel sitting down "what... Venus never told me anything, i guess she didn't get the chance" sobbed Dylan "Rachel!, Dylan!" shouted Hailey running over to them "you know that bottle of liquid" puffed Hailey "yes of course we do" replied Dylan "Angel remembered it she said you put some on a tissue then hold it over someones mouth to make them fall asleep and there's a trail leading to  Denver that has tissues and the same bottles around it, also War's hoof prints" said Hailey "well, what are we waiting for then, lets go!" said Dylan jumping up and sprinting towards the group with Rachel and Hailey on her toes. The group split into 2 groups 1 with Jamie, Kaleb, Sam and the rest of the boys went to Pisces to get supplies and things and help Ben with his injuries, while the girls went to Denver. It took 3 days and nights to reach Denver and that included all the stops to do shoelaces, go to the toilet and to eat.

The End

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