Who's Missing?

After returning from the Tree Top Town that is now a rubble, to see what was left Venus, the original group and 9 "refugees" mainly Angel, who still devistated by her home been destroyed and her fathers death left the river bridge for the small farming town of Pisces off the coast of London creek. "alright, lets stop there for the night" said Dylan nodding towards a large oak tree by the edge of the forest and a few kilometres off Lillac Cliff. "cool, i guess...." said Matt, he was one of the 9 teens that came with the original group "Gee, you'll love it Matt a nice cold oak tree for you to sleep on" said Sarah who also came with Matt "yep, i totally will, don't want to?" said Matt going along with Sarah's comment "it does look inviting, Sarah" said Sarah's twin sister Hailey, joining in "it does, but no thanks, plus i'm sure Hailey would" retorted Sarah "Matt and Hailey sitting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g!" sung Dylan laughing "shut up Dylan!!!" shouted Matt pushing Dylan off the rock she was sitting on. Dylan just laughed. "enough you guys stop flirting with each other, Dylan come have a look at this" said Venus leading over to the edge of Lillac Cliff. "look down there towards the rubble of the town" instructed Venus. Dylan looked down to see at least 20 men and horses searching through the rubble as if they were looking for something. "there not really armed" said Dylan, the men only had nets and equipment for traps. " i know, i think they're looking for us because i saw them trailing us, first in the forest with Ben then the river and when we went to see War while at the town" said Venus, unslinging her bow and knocking a arrow "you shouldn't do that, Venus" said Dylan "relax i'm just telling them to back off in a odd sort of way" said Venus. Venus fired the arrow high up into the night sky, the arrow spun silently down towards a man narrowly missing his head, the man jerked back and fell over a piece of wood, he got up then walked out of the darkness and into the moon light to see on top of Lillac Cliff 2 shady figures, one with a bow and the other with a sword wondering away. When Dylan and Venus returned they found everyone asleep except for Rachel who was up in a near by tree, stargazing. "i'm going to bed, you should talk to Rachel" whispered Dylan, then wondering off to bed. Venus climb the tree startling Rachel. "Hey"said Venus heaving herself over to sit next to Rachel "hi" replied Rachel "what are you think about?" asked Venus noticing her friend deep in thought "when i was born i was sent away to live with a family in the tree top town, when i was 10 i found out that i had a twin sister who had blonde hair and blue eyes, her star sign is Cancer and she was born 2 minutes before me on July 5th 1995, and that she was sent to live in London with a family who were killed in the war also that she is a fantastic archer" said Rachel looking deep into Venus' blue  eyes "oh god, your my sister aren't you because i know i have a twin sister who is excatly like you" said Venus "you have to be cause there's know one else who fits the descrpition better then you" said Rachel getting exicted "we have to be, but we can focus on it tomorrow ok? because we need to get some sleep before we get to excited" said Venus getting down from the tree followed by Rachel. the girls went to bed and drifted off into a river of dreams. When Dylan woke up she went to find Venus to gossip about Rachel and her coversation in the tree. When Dylan came around to Venus' sleeping bag she found it ripped and shredded, the same with the pillow, Venus's belonging scattered everywhere, her bow and arrows were still fine, and there were  pieces of rope, tape and a bottle of some stuff that makes you fall asleep and Venus was know where to be seen.

The End

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