Battle in the Trees

Venus and the group decided to stay with Angel and the town either until the war ends in London or they find a better place to live first. 3 weeks after the dinner party the group were in the market place when there were thousands of arrows on fire came raining down followed by dying screams of people, catapults been fired, men shouting, houses and buildings falling down, people screaming and running and a wild stallion cry. Venus, the group, Angel and the other 8 teens from the cabins in the boys and girls manged to avoid getting killed. They headed to the elevator where War was. War was still there but he was wildly thrashing at the metal pole, whinning and screaming. Venus soothed him as best she could but nothing worked until Dylan gave Venus the half eaten apple she still had when she was in the market place. War smelled the sweet juice from the apple and stopped rearing and thrashing around and looked at Venus with his large round eyes full of fear but at the same time they are full of love, trust and desire for safety (and the apple) Venus stretched out her palm and War sniffed it then lipped off the apple and munched on it calmly. Venus grabbed  Wars lead rope and mounted him swiftly. "go to the river bridge i'll meet you there!" shouted Venus above the noise to her friends, Dylan nodded in returned and started leading everyone off. "come on boy" said Venus moving him on through the rubble of the destroyed town. 5 hours later Venus found the group sitting in silence by the bridge when Venus dimounted Dylan jumped up "where did you go?" she demanded "i went to see if Richard was ok" said Venus "Well? is my dad ok?" asked Angel "...i'm so sorry Angel, but he didn't make it, he was crushed under a beam" said Venus, Angel's face went from worried to a devistated pale look then she fainted. 1 hour later Angel woke up and didn't feel to good and was still hurt by her fathers death so they made her and everyone else go to sleep for the night. They weren't aware of something luking in the woods, watching Venus and War. 

The End

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