Night To Remember

After returning to the cabin from their vist to War, Angel arrived  and asked Venus, Dylan, Annabeth and Annabelle to come with her. "Where are we going?" asked Dylan as the girls walked along the tree tops "to my bedroom cause you guys can't go to a formal dinner in rags" said Angel, the girls look at their clothes then each other and smiled. The girls reached Angels Bedroom and there were 5 beautiful dresses on the queen sized bed. "ok... hmm Venus you have the metallic turquoise dress, Annabelle the purple sparkley one, ah.... Annabeth the green dress and Dylan who have the Orange one and i'll have the silver" directed Angel. After the girl rushed their makeup and getting changed they arrived at the dinner party there were people who looked like the mayor of London, high powered lawyers, rich random people and the families. Angel played match maker with Dylan and Annabeth while Venus and Annabelle stayed out of the action. "my god! look at Dylan in the corner!" said Annabelle nodding towards Dylan and a blonde haired boy kissing, out of view from Angel and the adults. "should we?" laughed Annabelle "yes we should" laughed Venus "HEY DYLAN!!!" called Annabelle, Dylan stooped Kissing the boy and dragged him over to the girls "Hey, guys this is Daniel" introduced Dylan, smiling "hi, i guess you saw that" said Daniel shyly "hi and yes we did, but we think it's cute" said Venus trying to hold in her laughter "shut up Venus" cursed Dylan "oh! there you are Venus, i hav this perfect guy for you, lets go!" interrupted Angel, dragging Venus away from the girls and Daniel. "Venus, this is Derrick Sampson, he's the  London armies General's son" said Angel introducing the Venus and the handsom brown haired boy with sparkling blue eyes "i'm out of here" laughed Angel, leaving the 2 teens "hey there" said Derrick holding out his hand "hi" said Venus shaking it. "so....ah wanna dance?" asked Derrick "sure, i love too" said Venus taking his arm and been led to the dance floor. Venus and Derrick danced late into the night, they grew close to each other and shared several passionate kisses until Dylan pulled Venus away back to the cabin for a good night sleep but all Venus could think about was Derricks handsom face and lovely smile.

The End

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