From Tree To Tree

The group moved to the marked tree at 5:00 and Angel and a older man were waiting for them. "Hi Angel" said Dylan "Hi! everyone this is my Dad he came along so he could meet you" said Angel pointing to the older man who was standing a little way off "Hi i'm Venus and this is Dylan, The twins Annabeth and Annabelle, My best friend Ben and Kaleb, Jamie and Sam" said Venus holding out her hand and nodding to everyone as she said their names "Hello, I'm Richard" said the older man in a gruff voice as he shook Venus' hand. "who's that" said Richard noddng to the bay stallion who was stamping his foot Impatiently. "Oh! that my best boy, War" said Venus as she caressed his silky neck "we can't keep him in trees so you might want to tie him to the pole next to the elevator" said Richard "what elevator?" asked Annabelle in confusement "come on and we'll show you" said Angel laughing. The group came to a huge juniper tree and a handmade elevator was lowered down when they reached it. the group piled on after Venus tied War to a pole that was by the elevator. When they reached the top of the the tree everyone piled out onto a platform then Richard led them to the highest peak. Venus was amazed at the serenity and beauty of the tree top town, there were a line of trees about 20 of them all connected by Ropes, bridges and elevators/chairswings and each massive tree had about  4 0r 5 cabins/houses built on them except for about 5 or 10 of them which had markets, shops and other things built on them. The people were happy and proud as the maintained their home and went on with their daily lives. Richard led the teens to 2 cabins that were like rectangles around the tree and he instucted "girls to the left and boys to the right, please." When the girls walked in they saw 4  other girls,one with brown hair and blue eyes that looked alot like Venus reading 2 girls with blonde hair who were arguing but stopped when the girls came in and a red haired girl who looked quite scared about something. the room was pretty bare, there were 2 batherooms at either end, 8 old plain beds spred out across the room, 1 rusty kitchen in the corner, a broken table with wooden chairs around it, and a old couch, tv, and bookcase. "hi... um i'm Venus and this is Dylan, Annabeth and Annabelle" said Venus shyly "hi I'm Rachel" said the brunette who had gotten off the couch and stopped reading. "Hi i'm Hailey and this is my twin sister Sarah" said the blonde with the green eyes nodding towards the other blonde "And that's Marly, she really shy" whispered Rachel looking at the red head who had turned on the tv. "Richard and Angel will come and get you for dinner so i suggest you get some sleep why you can because you guys have got a big night" said Rachel "you know what, i think i'll just see War first" said Venus pulling out an apple "who's War?" asked Sarah "he's my horse we had to leave him on the ground" said Venus "i'm coming with you!" said Dylan grabbing the apple out of Venus' hand "Hey!"said Venus "LOL!" laughed Annabelle who was watching the tv with Marly and Annabeth "You right Annabelle?" asked Dylan "i'm right" said Annabelle "anyway... you guys can come too" said Venus "no thanks, but you better be back before 6:30 or your dead" said Rachel "we will thanks" said Venus "no probs" replied Rachel. "Hey boy, how it going" said Venus to the big bay stallion as he lipped off the bits of cut up apple from Venus' palm. "he's so beautiful, it will be a shame if we lose him" said Dylan cutting up the apple with her pocket knife. "we won't i know we won't" said Venus "we won't boy because we'll go through this war together" whispered Venus. War nicked and nudged Venus' shoulder

The End

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