To Meet An Angel

"Dylan... can we stop now we've been going for hours" sobbed Annabelle "fine we'll camp here for the night" said Dylan. The group collapsed onto the lush green grass. "Venus, can i have a word in private please?" asked Dylan "ah... yeah sure" said Venus, heaving herself off the grass. "Have you ever heard of the Forest Legened?" asked Dylan, kicking a stone as they walked along the river, "yes i have, Why?" replied Venus. The Forest Legend is and old fantasy that says that an Angel protects the forest at all costs and that if you harm the forest the Angel will either hurt you or kill you. "i overheard a convesation between some soldiers saying that the Angel is just a young girl who is a talented archer and that they saw her hunting around the same time you were hunting" said Dylan who had kicked another rock into a tree and had broken off some of the bark "you can't be serious!" Venus said in disbelief "well i am" "but i dout the "Angel" kills ani....." Venus broke off when a brown and green arrow narrowly missed her head. "where the hell did that come from?" said Venus pulling out her bow "i don't know maybe the tree tops" said Dylan holding her sword "Who's there?" yelled Dylan. another arrow hit the tree behined Dylan. "Jesus Christ!" swore Dylan "chill" said Venus "Look We Don't Want Any Trouble Were Just Passing Through" yelled Venus "Yeah you really are passing though with and bow and arrow also a sword Hmm" replied a voice from the trees "we only use them to defend ourselves" said Dylan "right whatever, what are your names" asked the voice "I'm Venus and this is Dylan" answered Venus, lowering her bow and arrow. "what's yours?" asked Dylan. a girl then jumped from the tree she was carring a bow and arrow, she had a green and brown dress on and a rose tiara, she had wild brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. "Angel" said the girl. "did we do something to hurt you or make you angry?" asked Venus "no, you just stepped on my towns territory, i thought you were and intruder" said Angel slinging her bow over her back, Dylan and Venus put their weapons away as well "you mean theirs a town around here!" said Dylan "yeah a whole lot of them but there in the trees though" said Angel "look us and a few others need a place to stay for the night is their anyway you could give us a shelter?"  asked Venus " um..... yes i think so how many are their of you?" replied Angel "well their us Kaleb, Jamie, Annabeth, Annabelle, Sam and Ben so 8" said Dylan "9 if you include War" said Venus "who's War?" asked Angel "Our Horse" replied Venus "oh" said Angel "well i'll meet you guys here tomorrow say 5:00pm i need to talk this over with my dad ok, i'll mark the tree with a ribbon and do you have a watch or something to tell the time with?" said Angel "yes thank-you" said Dylan "ok well see ya tomorrow" said Angel  "bye" said Venus and Angel jumped up into the tree without a sound.

The End

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