Journey Back

Venus, Dylan, Ben and War arrived in the streets of London, there were soldiers in every shop, park and random building but there are loads of alleyways and secret paths that lead to the teens hideout that aren't patrolled. "we need to be really careful now that we have Bore or whatever his name is" said Dylan, peering out to the street "his name is War" Venus snapped "ok chill, alright lets go" said Dylan. the teens darted to the next alleyway across the road and the next, and next until they reached an abandon house that had been bombed. "Hey, there back with a..... Horse?" said Annabelle in puzzlement "shut up Annabelle, hey guys! what’s with the horse?" called Annabeth "dude that’s just stupid" said Sam "i actually don't know" said Dylan "shut up you lot, Venus, is Ben alright?" said Jamie who joined everyone with Kaleb "um... Dylan said he should be fine right?" replied Venus "yes" said Dylan, starting to pull Ben down off War with help from the girls. "come on inside, it's late and we need our sleep" said Kaleb. Everyone went inside with Ben and helped get him settled as Venus got some rope and tied War to a bit metal that was hanging off the house then went inside to bed. The next morning the group decided it was best to leave the old house incase it might fall down, plus they needed food. "ok everyone ready?" asked Dylan, picking up her bag "yep" said Annabeth and Annabelle at the same time, "Sam?' said Dylan "yep i'm good so is Kaleb and Jamie their just helping Ben onto War" replied Sam "hang on a second..... where's Venus?" asked Annabelle "i don't know, she most likely with War, around the back" said Dylan. Venus then came around to the front of the house with War, Ben, Kaleb and Jamie. Dylan passed her bag to her and then the group set out for the deserted road into the forest.


The End

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