New Friend

Venus ran towards the river bridge when she tripped over a root and rolled down the hill into a valley. "Ouch! jeez" said Venus starting to stand up. As Venus stood up she gasped to see a beautiful Bay stallion with a striking blaze on his dashing dished face. "oh my god" gasped Venus, the stallion then nickered, half reared, tossed his head and shaked his mane "easy boy, easy" calmed Venus, The stallion looked at her with his large brown eyes "hey boy..... hey War" whispered Venus "come on lets get Ben" said Venus. Venus slowly moved around to the side of his back and put her hands on his back and applied pressure, War didn't flinch, Venus heaved herself onto his back and slowly slid her leg over him, War didn't flinch. "good boy, War" said Venus starting to move him on. Venus rode War across Valleys, canopies,  plains, dry river beds until they came the River Bridge where a body lies just at the edge of the bridge. "whoa! boy" said Venus "Oh no, please no...... BEN!!!!" screamed Venus dismounting War and racing over to the distant Body. "Ben..... Ben come on talk to Me....... Ben!" cried Venus as she skidded along the ground to crouch by Ben's  wounded body, "Ve.....Venus.......Help me........" mumbled Ben "oh Ben don't worry you'll be fine, you'll be fine" sobbed Venus. "Venus..... *gasp* Ben!" said Dylan in shock "Dylan! what are you doing here?" said Venus to the red head girl "you guys were later then ever before so i figured something was wrong and we heard about the patrol by the river and i know you guys take that route so yeah" replied Dylan getting out the first aid she had with her, "Thanks Dylan, how are the others?" asked Venus "well Annabelle and Annabeth are at each others throats as usual, Jamie and Sam have returned from their little spying mission, that’s how we found out about the patrol, and Kaleb has been cooking the scraps left over for us and that’s about it" said Dylan focused on Ben "ok, let get him up" said Dylan "here we can put him on War" said Venus pointing to the stallion who was grazing a little way off the girls and Ben. "Venus! he's a wild horse! were not putting Ben on him!" "no i don't think he is because i rode him bareback from a valley that’s kilometres’ away and when i mounted him he didn't even flinch i think he might be an escaped patrol horse or something" "I don't know Venus....." "come on please, Dylan" "alright, help me". The girls lifted Ben onto Wars back, War jumped a bit but at Venus' calm touch he calmed down.

The End

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