Last Promise

Venus grew up in a world of terror and pain, been an orphan in a world at war is hard. Venus' talent with a bow and arrow has kept her alive this far but while on a hunting trip through the forest she finds something that changes her life.

Venus pulled back the silver arrow on her bow and released it, The arrow spun and twirled through trees until it met the heart of a deer. "Venus, how on earth did you hit that deer in the heart? that’s crazy!" said Ben in amazement "i don't know I guess it was a fluke" said Venus slinging her bow over her shoulder and taking out her pocket knife. "yeah that was totally a fluke, you just happen to hit the deer’s heart from a rock that’s like 100km away" said Ben with a bit of sarcasm "it wasn't 100km it was...... 17m, i think" said Venus cutting up some rope to tie the deer to the pole for them to carry "you know what i mean, anyway hurry up we need to get back before dark" "keep ya shirt on princess, plus Dylan knows we always come back late anyway" "but Dylan doesn't leave the lights on after 6:30pm and i always trip over something" "Dylan turns off the lights so we don't end up getting shot by the patrolling military people or whatever you call them" " that’s not the point" "whatever". Venus and Ben started to leave the lush green forest when 4 soldiers found them by the river and started attacking. "GET THOSE BRATS!!!!" yelled a solider, the teens dropped the deer, "Ben run!" said Venus taking out her bow and a arrow "Not without you!" "go!" said Venus firing and arrow and killing a solider "come with me!" said Ben grabbing Venus' arm and pulling her away. The teenagers ran over logs, rocks and leaves but the soldiers managed to separate them, 2 went after Ben and the last one went after Venus. Venus ran and ran until she reached a small valley there she pulled out her bow and a arrow. "Well, then your the stubborn brat that I’ve been chasing hey?" said the male solider "congrats you now have got a big enough brain to figure that out" said Venus, aiming her bow and arrow at his heart "hmm your quite the smartass aren't you" "you can say that" Venus fired the arrow at a tree he was leaning against narrowly missing his head. "Scam" said Venus "now why would i do that hmm?" said the solider as Venus drew another arrow and aimed it at him again "because I’m not the one with and arrow aimed at my head" the solider gulped, "look just come with me and you'll live with that talent as an archer" "i don't believe you" Venus fired the arrow and it twirled into his heart. "I’ve got to get out of here and find Ben" said Venus slinging the bow over her back.
The End

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