A Cry in the Dark

(This chapter occurs after the events of Faerie Bound chapter "Kidnapped".)

Fire. It filled every fibre of my being, foul tendrils scorching everything they touched. I had never felt so much pain in all my life, even the injuries I'd recieved from the Drael had been mild compared to this. I felt like my whole body was being incinerated in a furnace that was both unbearably hot and as cold as an arctic blizzard. And it hurt. Oh gods it hurt.

I wanted to scream, to struggle, just to find some way to express the agony that was tearing at me from every angle at once. And yet, somehow, I couldn't move. It was as if I'd been turned to stone for I couldn't move a muscle, the pain blocking off my every attempt to fight it. I couldn't fight back. There was no way to express the agony and nothing to distract me from it. No sounds, no smells, not even a hint of another living thing anywhere near me. Just the fire. Just the pain.

Then, out of nowhere, a scream tore through the silent air. Through the wall of pain and the horrific wrenching and snapping sensations. It was a cry of terror, utter blind terror escaping in a worldess wail. What was worse, was that it was a child. I focused on it, forcing aside the pain that tried to overwhelm my senses, using it to drag myself out of the pain. The wailing continued, rising in pitch and giving me more leverage to wrestle back control of my limbs from the agony that still tore at me from all sides.

No! You will not win! Get out of my head, I will not let you beat me!

Suddenly, the screaming stopped. One moment it was there, the next all was silent. But the scream had given me the strength I needed and, slowly, I continued to force the pain back, using the memory of the cry to push it out.

Out! Get out of here, you hear me? This is my mind and you are not welcome here! Go back the hellhole you crawled out of. GET. OUT. OF. MY. HEAD!

Finally, with a final surge of desperation, I forced my eyes open, almost sobbing with the effort. I felt like I'd just run a thousand marathons all at once, I was exhausted. But I had won. The pain was gone and I was back in control. Distantly, at the back of my mind, I heard a shriek of pain and fury.

How dare you? it wailed How dare you do this to me?

I smirked. I didn't know the voice, it wasn't either of my parents, but whoever it was was definately not happy with me. I doubted either Judas or Elektra would be particularly pleased with them when they found out they'd lost control. That would teach them, I thought evilly, they weren't going to beat me that easily. 

I looked up, head still spinning slightly from the fight. I'd been moved since the pain began, however long ago that was. I was now in another room, small and made of polished black stone. There was very little light, coming through a series of tiny slits in a large steel door at the other end of the room. I turned back to the walls, their slightly reflective surfaces sending back a faint reflection. I turned to the wall closest to me, rubbing my eyes in an attempt to clear the grogginess, peered at my reflection...

And screamed.

The End

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