Breaching the Defences

We struggled for what felt like hours, neither giving the other a centimeter of (figurative) ground without fighting like heck to defend it. Amidst the struggling, we spat our fury at one another.

Give up boy! You don't have a hope of defeating me, now stand down!

Ha, not likely. If you think I'll let your stinking, power-crazy mind into my head then you have another thing coming.

Fool! Are you really so stupid to believe you can fight me! I'm your father! Stand aside you stubborn dolt!

Go to hell you satanic git.

On and on we fought, Judas' mind tearing at my defences while I in turn beat him back with all the fury I could muster. It seemed to be an even match, both of us trapped in a deadlock that neither could break.

Then another presence mounted a sudden attack on me, catching me off guard and allowing Judas enough time to shove my defences aside and force his way into my conscioussness. I heard maniacal laughter echoing around my mind.

Elektra. That she-devil had been waiting for a moment to knock me aside this whole time. Curse her.

As my parents (eugh, I still hated having to call them that) rampaged their way through my thoughts and memories, I tried desperately to force them off. But my attempts went unheeded, their combined strength was too much for me to cope with. Memories of the bus, of the travellers I'd met. Alex the vampire, Gabby, Amber, Zak, Olivia, Mai and half-a-dozen others I couldn't remember.

Then, to my utter dismay, they uncovered the images on the Island. I watched helplessly as the faces of the people I had tried to protect flashed in front of my face. Morgan's image in particular kept appearing time and time again. I heard my parent's laughter as I struggled to force them out of my head, heard their truimphant screeches as they flung me off.

Asharyn! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Why didn't you tell us you had a love interest? You naughty boy!

I agree with your mother there boy. By my life I've never seen so many secrets kept hidden for so long. You really did give me real trouble in getting in here you know. Trouble, that's what you are boy.


Fury surged through my being, filling every particle of my body with anger like an out-of-control forest fire. How dare they? How dare they do that? They had no right to just waltz in and perouse my mind like the pages of an open book! I was NOT going to stand for this. They had tormented me my whole life and this was the last straw!

I wanted nothing more than to see the pair of them out of my mind. My whole being was filled with this single desire and, with all the remaining strength I had, I slammed all the force I could muster into my parent's presences. I heard them yowl in pain and alarm as I flung them unceremoniously out of my mind, leaving only the taint of their presence in the carnage of my mind behind them.

Then, exhausted from my efforts, I collapsed to my knees, panting and drenched in my own sweat. That last push had taken all the energy out of me, I had nothing left to fight with. I looked up, the fire of defiance still burning in my eyes as my parents, looking as if they had just been flung across the room, advanced on me. Both their eyes were set with a stone-cold iciness that chilled me to the bone. They looked at each other. Then Judas spoke in a low, grave tone, like an undertaker over a grave.

"This has gone on for long enough. It is too risky to let things remain as they are. We must act now before he grows too wild. It is time to reclaim our heir, once and for all."

Elektra nodded. Then the two turned to me, faces like chiselled white stone.

And so began the most agonizing night of my life.

The End

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